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Do not want to document restoration journey: Will I regret it?

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  • Do not want to document restoration journey: Will I regret it?

    Hey all,

    En here (They/them pronouns please). I just wanted to ask you all how you feel about restoration documentation. I really do not want to. I desperately want to forget I was cut because I have such bad PTSD. I want to refer to myself as "uncut" when I am done with the process (rather than intact because I literally uncut myself). Any thoughts on this? Do any of you regret not documenting? I am already around CI-3/4 and just want to forget ever being anything lower. Currently using DTR most of the day and occasional manual tugging; have been restoring for about a year starting at CI-2.

    <3 Advice and thoughts appreciated.

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    You don't have to document the progress but it will give you a reference point to fall back on occasionally when you feel like you aren't making any progress. This will give you a BIG confidence boost. THE most important factor in this journey is to NOT GIVE UP! The stage you are at right now is the most frustrating and seems like you aren't making any progress. Believe me, you are. I'm at the same stage and have been for about a year. Can't wait for sustained rollover. KOT!


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      If you don't want to, then don't. Photos and a journal aren't what you are shooting for, a skin tube and increased function and sensation are the goals. Your end goal, the reality of it when you reach it, leads you on to live your life and enjoy it. Reflection (using photos, etc) is just reflection, moments from the past, gone, essentially dead. They don't compare in any way, shape, or form, to living the reality of being as whole as you can be.


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        Like parsec said, it is good to have a reference point. If you've seen any month by month pictures people have taken, all the way up to their end goal, you know that progress can be difficult to determine sometimes. Wouldn't being able to see the progress, in black and white right in front of you, help keep you motivated throughout the process?

        Just throwing this out could document your restoration, then delete all the pics and stuff when you reach your goal. It'd be kind of a symbolic thing...deleting the pics, after you're fully restored, could be like deleting the past and letting go of the negative feelings you associate with it. Could give you a sense of closure. I don't know. Just a suggestion.


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          I agree with The Metal One on the symbolic aspect of it all. But I have yet to take any photos and sometimes I second guess myself as to how far I have come. There are some aspects I know for sure are a result of my own doing but others I have no idea about. I'm iffy about using my phone, because if I drop it and I have to take it in the whole issue becomes problematic. I am apart of a research lab as well so although this laptop is mine, I bought it, my boss uses it from time to time to go over data/images I have collected. I do have a small camera at my mother's house that I have thought of retrieving and using solely as an image bank for this "project" but if I can get around to this is yet to be seen. Although now As I am typing this I find myself yearning to do what I have just described. A majority of this process is a mental one. If I can use physical images to document this trail maybe one day I will post/share my story and influence others to do the same. Good luck!
          Currently on the cusp of being completely confident in claiming c4 and will begin dating my progress here whence accomplished.


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            I have a photo journal from day 1 and onward to the present day (12 years later). It is a huge source of personal pride and encouragement. Fortunately my endeavours coincided with the purchase of my first digital camera – I would not have taken my film rolls into Snappy Snaps for developing and printing!


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              Thanks all for the thoughts and suggestions <3 I think whats most important for me is documenting the changes in sensation I am having. How orgasms are becoming more complex. How my body wants more skin and so forth. I am deeply motivated as being cut causes me PTSD so this isnt something I will stop doing. All your comments have clarified that, for me, taking pictures is not the best course of action. I want to forget the visuals of my cut genitals, but remember what sensation I have gained to spit those who have cut me.

              Much love to you all.


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                I think many people have raised some very good points here. I wouldn't go and write a lot and take pictures too often if you don't like it because you intend to forget about your circumcision. I in fact didn't document my initial efforts because it was before digital cameras really became affordable, and now I kind of regret not being able to share how it looked before. I also feel a lot of improvement sensitivity-wise and also feel more confident now. Just this weekend I ended up showering at a music festival and kind of was "proud" of walking around looking more or less intact. In fact, I saw one guy with a tight circumcision and totally dried out glans and it made me realise how much things have improved in recent years!

                I would recommend that you take a picture every once in a while (no need to look at them if you don't feel like it), and look at those at times when you see small progress. These reminders can be very encouraging, trust me. I usually also write a few words to document changes for myself, but it's more of a personal diary, in which I also commented about experiences when having sex. in fact, with recent progress I regret being single right now, and I hope my next partner will also be supportive of the idea
                There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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