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    Hello There! I have been researching this topic for a few years and just recently started to seriously get involved. I was circumcised at 23 due to a very tight and long foreskin. I now regret not looking in to other options. Fortunately, I am cut very close to the glans and have quite a bit of flexibility with the remaining skin.

    my goal is to return to my former ci-8 or 9. I honestly don't know where to start as there are so many devices and methods. Any advice would be appreciated. I am willing to post photos online of my physical stats if it would help make a more informed decision.

    I am younger and have an office job that requires mostly desk sitting. I wear somewhat form fitting clothing. I would prefer not use a strap method.

    again--I really appreciate this forum and hope someone can help!

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    I always suggest beginning with manual. Manual is considered to be some sort of preliminary method, not very serious, the preschool of tugging. But it isn't. Only the guys who don't know much about the basic process feel that way about manual. Manual gives you an appreciation of, a knowledge of, the very-much-necessary fundamentals. It shows you what tugging feels like. It shows what safe tugging feels like, and what tugged-on skin looks like, when it is within a range of moderate tension, to somewhat higher tension. And remember, manual is just as effective as any other method out there. Tension is tension, fingers or device, and it is cycled tension which is effective. Devices don't give you constant tension. They just give you one cycle, until you readjust the tension.

    You've said that you sit at a desk. So it would seem that manual isn't for you. But that isn't true. You can tug before work for few brief cycles of tension. You can tug at work just after you urinate. All you have to do is use the stall, not the urinal. And of course you can tug for a number of cycles at home, at opportune times. That's all you really need to do to get started and to continue on.


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      If your work attire requires you to wear tight panting I would suggest what Info has provided. Outside of the office I would recommend you purchase either the DTR or the TLCX. I personally enjoy the DTR more because of how solid it is and how much of a tug I actually feel as opposed to the X. I use the cone from the X to tug because it has a hole in the center to prevent a vacuum like effect on the compartment created underneath and within the skin tube while tugging if you will. I feel like I get a better outer skin tug from the former. Mix up your methods and don't get into the habit of only using one. I try to get 10 hours a day in of either inflation, tugging, DTR, or a mix of all. The best thing you can do is just not give up. The time is going to pass anyway and you literally have nothing else to lose... besides the exponentially decreasing sensual perception of your penis.


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        If you're ok with putting money into this venture, you could buy the TLC-X. If not (or if this option simply appeals to you more, for whatever reason), you could try out manual methods. There are way more options than that, but those two choices seem to be the most popular. You could even mix the two. Experiment, and make your own routine.
        That link above has instructions and diagrams that outline the various manual methods. Either way, it's a very simple process. It just takes a long time.

        If you have any questions about anything I've outlined here, or need help with anything else, feel free to PM me. Not very far into my own restoration, but I've tried to research this stuff as much as I can.

        EDIT: The DTR is an alternative to the TLC-X, which some like better...but, in case you don't know, a lot of people have been unable to use it when they start out. This is due to simply not having enough excess skin to give the device something to grip onto.


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          If you have plenty of skin to start I'd recommend to go for a tugger at work and maybe some manual at night (I usually do that while watching TV). I changed from multiple O-rings to the TLC-X about 3 months back and I'm really happy with the progress, have grown around half an inch of double layered skin in that way. I'm also doing an office job and wear the TLC-X about 12 hours every day. Do whatever feels comfortable, there's not a single method that's one size fits all, you have to figure out what works best for you and just dare to experiment a little. Good luck!
          There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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            Thank you all for the responses!! I think I am going to try the TLCX to start and see what type of results I get.


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              TLCX will do. good luck man.


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                Ordered my TLCX last night. Will create a photo diary and share online once it arrives!