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Intact and FEC of +16% (?)

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  • Intact and FEC of +16% (?)

    Hi there!

    I am from europe. I always knew, some guys have a lot of foreskin.
    But i never saw myself as special until recently. I am in my middle thirties.
    Was on another penis-enlargment-forum and guys said 'are you half-cut'?

    Now, i did the FEC Test and the result is +16%.
    It was 35 millimeter glans and i could cover 5 millimeters with foreskin when erect.

    Is this very special?
    Should i ask my mum if i was cut?

    What is normal that guys start around?
    I am suddenly aware of how little i know and i am curious.
    I thought being cut means 'there is no more skin there at all'. I guess this is wrong.

    Ok, saw the CI Chart:
    I guess i was CI 4, now after penis enlargement recently it seems i am CI 3.

    Comments always welcome

    (edit: ps i really really didn't find where i can set my avatar-picture, pointer appreciated)

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    Hello, and welcome! To answer your question I haven't heard of any intact guys less than a CI4-5, that's not to say there isn't any just that's all I've heard . If I was you I would ask your mother if you were cut. You could also possibly tell by looking to see if you have a scar on your penis, usually there will be pink inner skin from the glans down to a brown line, that is the circumcision scar. There are some methods of circumcision that don't leave a prominent scar however. In terms of what's normal to start by, there really isn't a "normal". For how long circumcision has been around for its a highly unstandardized procedure, some men have little to no inner foreskin remaining and no frenulum, or there are some like me who have more than an inch of inner skin and most of all of there frenulum. So in a sense being cut can be anything from almost no remaining foreskin to just the removal of the smallest amount of the ridged band. I hope this helps!


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      Truth is, foreskins, real foreskins, are formed by Nature in various lengths. Nobody here knows if that includes you, and we don't know if you were circumcised. With little exception, most guys here only have a theory they picked up on the internet, so it's usually wrong, and, they either have no first hand experience (they were circumcised at a young age), or ... they have some second hand experience, sexually, with somebody else's foreskin. In other words, we aren't experts by any means, and we are often completely uninformed about "foreskins", natural and artificial. (We grow artificial "foreskins" here).

      My guess, and it's only a guess, is that you were born with one of the somewhat shorter foreskins. Obviously I don't know that for a fact. But here's the good news: from your description yours is byno means the shortest foreskin possible. So, nothing "special" about it, just "different from the next guy". That's the way it goes.

      Nature likes variation, and she insists on it when she's running the show (ie fetal formation). If that's your case, then what you have is natural; you have natural function, natural sensation, so it doesn't appear that you have any problems at all. Congratulations. Live life, and enjoy.

      But if you really want to know what you are looking at, make an appointment with a Urologist, and ask. He will have the best view, including a literal view.

      And just in case you somehow mistook the purpose of the FEC measurement, it is intended to be a rough indicator for growth in general. It has absolutely no basis or meaning in human anatomy, so it means absolutely nothing when comparing one penis to the next.
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        Ok, lovergirl of mine just told me 'Of course you are cut, dummy '
        She said they had to cut their son too, because of some infection.
        Gotta ask my mum what happened here.