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I've been using DMSO before tugging for about a month its working great!

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  • I've been using DMSO before tugging for about a month its working great!

    1 At midnight before bed I use DMSO

    2 In the morning when I wake up I sometimes use a venus2000 for an hour or so to give my skin a good stretch... I can actually tell its longer right after doing this and the DMSO helps to the effect ALOT!

    3 At around noon I use more DMSO and let it soak in for an hour or so

    4 Then I tug all day until about midnight

    For the last few weeks I have been curious how much the DMSO might help with penis enlargement so my routine has changed a bit but the effect of the DMSO for foreskin restoration is totally obvious (even if I dont use the venus2000 but its more effective if I do). If you try DMSO be sure and test it first you really have to be careful where you put it. Like for instance on my penis I just get it wet all over than leave it for an hour or so but if I get it on my hands I immediately feel it and they get wrinkled and discolored for days... On my sac OUCH!!!!!

    My "routine" now is to try and use an extender all day and try to tug at night while sleeping (sleeping and tugging is not working well). The extender gets painful after about an hour then taking that noose off REALLY HURTS! I toughed it out once and went 2-1/2 hours with it on and it send waves of pain coming from my penis for a few seconds it was awful. I've decided I am NOT going to use the recommended tension and will just try to find what will work without the pain but so far it doesn't seem to matter if I use alot of tension or a little it still hurts after about an hour it just doesn't hurt as much. Actually its an hour for the first time putting it on for the day after that its like every 1/2 hour!

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    There were several long thread discussions about the use of DMSO in the old forum. Results were generally inconclusive.

    I tried it and it did nothing for me but great if it works for you.


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      If this process hurts, YOU ARE USING TOO MUCH TENSION! Also be careful with that DMSO, it WILL irritate your dick if your concentration is too high or you use it too much.


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        I tried using very little extender tension and the only difference is the amount of ache I feel after taking it off and how long it took to become uncomfortable to use. BTW I am using 99% pure DMSO twice a day thats the maximum for me.


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          Just realized that the extender is a bit of foreskin restorer as well. I put it on and the skin is not tight but after using the thumb screws to increase the length of the extender about 1-1/2 inches my skin is pulled tight. Just a matter of time before its use as a FR device is over but for now its helping.


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            Thanks so much for making this topic, Smertrios! I am trying to compile information on different treatments. Could you help out with just a few pieces of information in addition to what you've already said?

            ‚Äč1) What do you use DMSO cream for specifically? Does it accelerate growth, improve sensitivity, help with dekeratinization, or something else?
            2) What brand of cream do you use?


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              1) For me its accelerating growth and I don't have to use much tension.
              2) pure liquid DMSO in a spray bottle its not a cream

              I have mine in a spray bottle with a trigger handle that I believe (hope) is DMSO safe its convenient for me to use that way. I know the bottle itself is safe but I worry about the other parts of the spray bottle assembly in fact there was a washer shaped seal where the bottle screws into the sprayer part that I removed because I thought it might be styrene which is not DMSO safe (bottle still seals without the seal). Some DMSO on ebay is sold in spray bottles I would assume (but not guarantee) that means its safe to use just search for "DMSO spray".