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Sex feeling after restoration.

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  • Sex feeling after restoration.


    I just started my restoration and i am wondering about this subject, i will like to read restored peolple testimonials.

    I am worry about premature ejaculation or not feeling enought during sex, what experiences do restored people have?, i would love to read them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would point you to my article on the benefits of restoring and I hope other members will weigh in with more specifics.
    -Ron Low
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      I've gone from 50% FEC to just over 100% FEC, and sex is already starting to feel different. It feel less tacky, more organic and smooth. That is a sort of odd way of putting it, I guess, but you'll have to take my word for it that it's getting a lot more awesome, even at this stage .


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        For me, restoration made an amazing difference in the feelings I get during sex. No comparison really. Circumcised my climaxes were a tension building up mostly in my groin, then a release with multiple contractions of the tensed muscles.

        With restoration, my climaxes are whole body waves of good feelings that take my breath away and leave me spent and barely able to move. Plus all stages of arousal are wonderful, whereas before, arousal was just a rush to get to climax with not interest in enjoying and exploring. Before, I had to have a good juicy fantasy to reach climax, now I generally don't even think of a fantasy, and if I do, I forget about it in short order.

        Also of note, before my wife could not bring me to climax with a hand job. She simply could not produce the precise hand motions needed. Now, she can do it easily and in a variety of ways.

        That mobile skin is amazing!