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  • Experienced restorer looking to help

    First off, hello! I was part of the old website, but it was so infrequent I may as well start fresh.

    I've been restoring using a variety of techniques for over 10 years. Granted, if I was consistent with restoration, I probably could've finished in 2, but I wasn't - there were month or year gaps between attempts. Sometimes I liked having things on my penis, sometimes I didn't...

    Anyway, I think this community is important for some people. I'm sure it helps people heal, in more ways than one. Those starting off may not know the most effective methods for them or even fully understand the consequences of circumcision. And, even if they didn't have a choice in their circumcision, they still have an option of getting at least something back.

    I'm a bit bothered by my circumcision, but it's not like it's had any major impact on my life nor do I want it to. I like the look and feel, but I'm much more motivating by correcting society as a whole - giving each person the choice on if they want a circumcision or not. I'm not opposed to circumcision, as many people do want it and that's OK - I'm just opposed to it being done to someone without their consent.

    Anyway, I think I've been somewhat successful in educating people both about circumcision and foreskin restoration, and through the years I've made several tutorials and videos - most of which I've removed in favor of newer versions. My latest "instructional videos" can be found on Vimeo: - O-Rings and silicone keeper - O-rings - O-rings and tape - FIMO keeper - CAT II RO

    More are likely to come. But, I kinda need a better idea of what people want. So, ask away I suppose. Beyond that, I'll be visiting a few posts and leaving my praise here and there
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