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Any folk from the U.K?

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  • Any folk from the U.K?

    Hi guys,

    just thought I'd see if there are any people from the U.K open to maybe organising meet ups/activity and build a support network through this journey we're on?

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    Hi Restoration-elz, welcome to the web site and to foreskin restoration.

    For obvious reasons there are not too many of us here in UK. I happen to be close to Belfast. The majority of restoration related data and advice is common to all of us restorers world-wide. There is a pin map of restorers world-wide at I'm not sure just how up to date it is.

    There is a specific thread for UK (GMT) restorers on Ron's web site here. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...gland-restorer
    It's under the "Global Outreach" tab on the main site front page.

    Many of we UK restorers are also members of Tally's restoration web site
    There is a real time chat room on his site.

    I'm sure that you have had a good read through the descriptions of the many restoration methods and devices. In particular while thinking about how you would use them in your daily life. They all work, and they all take time!

    Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer


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      Hey I’m in the uk and just logged back in after a while. Want to get back in it and would appreciate the motivation!


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        I know what mean when you say you need a bit motivation, I've had a lot of up and downs since my last post but I think I'm in a good rouine now. In the past I wanted the process to be finish before it was started but that's not how thing work so I have adapted what I was doing before but took a slower approach this time, I was using the tlc-x and the weights but I suffered a lot of minor skin tears which took time to heal, it was frustrating having to wait a week till I was at the point I could start again, time and time again this happened no matter how I adjusted the weight, the time I wore it, slowly introducing tension and weight. So now I am using a bit of a hybrid from all the TLC part I have and I am happy with routine and the results plus no injuries. The key is to find what works for you routine, skin and not be afraid of trying something new because of the fear of not making progress, like I have over the years.

        Wish you the best of luck mate with your jouney.
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