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Perpetual Restoration and Sensitivity of Restored Skin

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  • Perpetual Restoration and Sensitivity of Restored Skin

    This question really goes out to those who have restored a substantial amount of skin as I am concerned with how sensitive the skin I grow will be. I'm not even talking sexual sensation but touch as well. I ask, does restored outer skin continue to have the same perception of the outer skin you had prior to restoration or is in a sense 'dead' meaning its about as sensitive as the extra skin around your elbow? Does the inner skin you grow maintain its sensitivity? I've been testing my newest skin growth every month with an inanimate object to make sure I can feel it but I worry that if I grow a lot of skin it will just be there in 'dead nerve space". This all comes after a long shower thought where I just kind of stood in the water with my hand on the wall (lol) thinking that restoration isn't really burdening me in the sense that the time taken out of my day to do it fits into my schedule and I could see myself going for Ci10+. In fact if I had been left alone as an infant I probably would be apart of this community anyway just growing more skin. How sensitive is the skin we grow when it reaches the average intact length from a lower Ci number?
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    Don't worry. The shaft skin you grow will be as sensitive as it was. Guaranteed. Remember, tension stimulates skin to add small "patches" of cells. Those patches add to the volume of tissue, they don't replace any tissue. You are just adding bricks to a wall, a few additional bricks at a time, not a whole section of that wall. You aren't growing a discreet "tube", separate from anything, you are just adding cells to the existing skin.

    The underlying nerve tissue remains the same. It isn't affected in any way by incremental skin growth above it. It sent signals to the CNS and brain before, and it will continue to do this. So no numbness. That's the magic of human physiology.

    Having said that, mucosa is more sensitive than shaft skim, by far. The old inner foreskin you were left with has different neurons under it (so-called high level neurons), but the same situation applies: add some cells beyond maintenance rate, and that area will be just as sensitive, and more sensitive when that tissue is protected from abrasion for awhile. Shaft skin plays its part, though, in the overall "orchestral" build to orgasm (and of course it has sensation for heat, placement, pain, etc). . It isn't like it just lies there, it's part of the crescendo. (credit: Distalero of the old forum).

    Good questions.
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      I'm now happily restored to about CI 7 or 8. Full reliable flaccid coverage and about half (but unreliable) when erect.
      I did it for the appearance. I'm in intact Europe.
      There is no part of my restored foreskin which is without sensation. The amazing increase in sensation in sex is that caused by the back and forth rolling of the expanded skin over my glans during sex. Priceless.
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