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  • Restoring the mind?

    Can restoration alone fix the negative psychological effects of circumcision (such as anxiety)? My gut says "doubtful", but the part of me that wants to believe thinks it'll work like this: the brain associates the negative stuff with the lack of a foreskin/"fauxskin" (because circumcision led to both) so restoring could have a "voodoo doll" effect.

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    Restoration, from beginning to goal, requires jumping in and doing something as a first step. You'd be surprised how many guys talk a good game on forums, but don't actually get in there and do it, or, they "do it", but superficially, now and then, with no real commitment. It's more of a low key fetish thing, or a talking point thing, so they can "belong". So taking that first step honestly is significant, not just for the eventual physical results, but also for the psychological benefit of deciding to change your current situation, and simultaneously become your own man, on your own two feet. It's you on you, not you and group approval.

    Of course, you soon realize that restoration isn't some drive-through process, ie placing an order and then waiting for quick and cheap results. You have to do this thing in the dark (credit: Distalero). We all do what we do, in the dark. It takes some work, and it takes some courage. Nobody knows you as well as you do. You realize that, and you realize that nobody can really help you with it, so you take charge, guess at it, you hope, you continue with experimentation, you endure, year after year. Doing this strengthens your resolve, it builds critical thinking skills, it supports a way of looking at things, not just tugging, but looking at how you conduct yourself in life, and a growing knowledge of what that will take. Does it do this in a big dramatic way? No, probably not.

    But as you begin to see results, you gain confidence in your own decisions, you begin to realize that it's also the other "you", your perceived self, that you've had an effect on. Again, not in some grand, dramatic way, but in a subtle, but still fundamental way.

    Does this take care of all a person's anxiety, etc? No. The human mind isn't that simple, and neither is life. But you've done much more than you realize, in that direction. And this is no "voodoo doll" approach, it's positive, real, direct, and the definition of 'constructive', but it takes care of circumcision issues only. Will it transfer to the rest of your psychology? Again, probably not. But you won't know how broad an effect this does have, until you jump in, experiment, endure, and see what happens. So there's only one way to answer your question, and it starts with you.......


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      I doubt that restoration alone can "fix" any serious issue you got going on. Anyhow, from my point of view:

      Finding out about the possibility of restoring, and actually starting to do it, gave me the feeling that there is actually something I can do about it. That is actually the main reason I do it - I have been unhappy about being cut all my life, and taking matters into my own hands helps a ton. The same goes for using that knowledge to help other people - informing them about the possibility to restore, even if you get looked at like you are mental, discouraging parents-to-be from cutting their child for whatever reason.

      So, the fact that we were cut against our will is never going to change. Even once I am done restoring, my anger about my parents deciding this when I was too young to understand is never going to fade completely. What we can do, though, is undo some of the damage, return fairly close to a "natural" look, and feel like we are in control about our most intimate parts.


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        Originally posted by Info View Post
        low key fetish thing
        What do you mean by this? Do some guys restore because it gets their rocks off?
        Also, have you considered being a motivational speaker? I think you'd be pretty good.


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          I meant more of a mental/ego fetish. A fetish itself would be a "thing" or subject (restoration on this forum) that has more power and personal/group meaning (not necessarily sexual power) than it would ordinarily. Fetish is kind of a general term. But this would also include sexual jollies for some, because we are talkin' 'bout them dicks. Making restoration into a mild fetish allows all sorts of fanciful discussion, myth, drama, anger, personal agenda, and it isn't unheard of to see self promotion get thrown in the mix ("My foreskin is so long I have to hang it over my left ear, and I did it in only a year" : ). That kind of thing).


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            Would it be mentally healthy to condition yourself to be turned on by restoring?


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              Not in my opinion. Why "condition" yourself? That implies going from one mental place to one that is totally artificial. Find a partner, live life (harder than it sounds but that's a whole different discussion).