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Nervous about not regaining sensitivity

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  • Nervous about not regaining sensitivity

    Hey all,

    So I have been restoring officially for a few months at this point with the DTR, but have been manually tugging for much longer (i got to CI 3 this way). Just started to be able to wear the conform plates and use stable tension all day. I am around CI 4 because I get short term spontaneous coverage. I am becoming very nervous that I will not have an increase in sensation and my restored skin will remain "dead" or num feeling. Any words of support or personal stories would be appreciated.

    All the best

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    Here you go:



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      There was a point in my restoration when the glans just peeled and suddenly there was enormous sensation. The sensation will come. Focus on the mundane day to day task of tugging.
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        Just retain when not restoring. Mine didn't start until after 4-5 months of restoration and continued in segments of skin peeling off here and there. It wasn't until after 13+ months that everything really went up!