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    I've been using my HyperRestore Direct Air for 1.5 weeks now and have the following problem:

    - When flipping the outer cone inside-in, the collar of the outer cone works its way up the neck of the inner cone (even before inflating)
    - Upon inflating (even with careful manual gripping to try to keep things in place), the tension (of presumably the outer cone) weakens, resulting in my foreskin slipping towards the wide end of the cone.
    - Building up satisfactory pressure is not possible without my foreskin popping out of the HR-DA entirely.

    My penis is clean and dry, as is the HR-DA.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and - more importantly - found a solution?

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    I use the TLC Direct Air but maybe I could lend a hand. There could be two issues, either you lack sufficient slack skin or the outer cone has loosened as I believe you described. I would contact the seller and see what he has to say. Do you have a way of tightening the outer cone to the smaller bell?


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      I have the HR DA. Are you able to push your skin you've grown all the way up to the top of the device and is the outer cone pushed as far down on the upper neck as it can go? Unfortunately I've not actually used the device without both of those working as I've described and have had no issues.

      Only issue I've had is occasionally during initial inflation that the skin on one side slips down a bit. After this happens, usually in a few seconds of first inflation, I deflate, re-position the skin up the normal way, and inflate again and it stays solid the entire time.

      Hopefully this helps.


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        Of all the devices I have this one is by far the worst. Deflates constantly and never stays on. A total waste of money and I recommend switcing.
        Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

        Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

        See my progress gallery


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          I agree with gdom. Worst device I own because it constantly slips off. I keep it clean with Dawn dish soap and rubbing alcohol with little improvement. The outer cone would slide up the neck of the inner cone and leak air. I did fix that problem by installing a small hose clamp over the outer cone but slippage is still an annoying problem.


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            Never used direct air but the HyperRestore with a balloon is great and I have never had any problems with it.


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              You can make your own direct air device using a tuba mouthpiece. Mine is silver-plated brass and quite heavy before I even start to inflate. On ebay you can buy "Kelly" plastic mouthpieces – I have not tried one, but they look very adaptable. Pressure is maintained via a bicycle valve fitted to the mouthpiece shaft. I have detailed instructions in my blog if you want to make something similar for yourself. I class myself as restored with a totally reliable faux skin covering my glans with a nice overhang at all times at the end of my flaccid penis. I am carrying on with a few hours inflation most days because I like the feel of it and it is helping toward my new goal of erect coverage. Fully inflated my skin balloons to an 8 inch circumference. You might expect a "baggy" result but deflated it fits snugly to my glans. I have read many explanations of how radial tension produced by inflation results in linear growth. I am not going into that detail here, but it is true!