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    28 July 2017

    I started a gallery/journal last week, but I intended to make it a public one. So I just posted some content just so I would feel more inclined to stay on top of myself (mainly though I was just not sure if I was allowed to even post a gallery here, but I have permission). So, here is the content I already posted:

    Hello all. I tend to come and go as far as restoration forums go. I made a progress gallery before, but I deleted my account for multiple reasons - change of life pace was once of them.

    I am in a better place now, however. That's just life, right? It has been almost 3 years. My anniversary will be on September 1st. I plan to dedicate myself like no other, from here on out. I am nearing CI-8. That is the short term goal for three years of hard work. Long term? CI-10.

    Thanks to an insanely good porno I came across my freshman year of high school in 2008 I noticed the guys DICK looked so hot to me. I finally admitted I was gay last year! High school was a time for me, man. So, after searching the web I eventualy discovered that he was "uncut" and that I had lost the key to my mental integrity. Short story, may give more bits and pieces as time goes on. Been almost 10 years, huh? But I spent 5 of those ten years restoring with decent gusto. Now? I spent September 2014 onward being a serious man of restoring.

    My frenulum is attached still so it helps a lot with the taper. I also can feel the muscle when my dick is flaccid. Mine is on the smaller, underdeveloped size (for obvious reasons), but it is there, and it has been growing.

    There is information which has gone around saying that foreskin regeneration is possible with iodide/iodine mixed with an oil (coconut oil, for example) or something else. I want to incorporate that into my journal here, while we all patiently wait for monthly fooreskin progress. I am doing this to remove scars on my glans, and to further breakdown the circumcision scar line. I will start the journal next week.

    Until then, here is my progress of CI-7.5, God Bless, Love, and Peace:

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    Journal Entry: 1 August 2017.

    Time to get this experiment underway. It is unscientific, of course, but this will be a very detailed journal, nonetheless.

    To determine if the dark colored Iodine tincture will aid the glans to dekeratinize.

    ***Iodine tincture is usually colored a deep red***

    OBSERVATION (to be made by me)
    Will the dark colored Iodine also help the foreskin and coverskin to regenerate?

    *** By coverskin, I am referring to the rest of the skin that covers the glans. In the literal sense foreskin would be just the pucker of skin which extends past the glans. A revelation I had come across while perusing the internet one day. Just the terminology I use here. Also, based on my own research iodine is able to help regenerate the inner foreskin, and I am going to assume it breaks down the scar line to regenerate the nerves therein. Estimated timeframe is unknown. ***

    items I currently use are (amounts are measured by eye, so I have no specific amounts, but I will attach pictures of what I use, at least)

    Humco DECOLORIZED Iodine (white bottle)
    It burns like fuck, (scientific enough?) If I put more than 1/4 full of the black cap. I pour a bit of Iodine into the black cap, and then I either pour it on the entire circumference of the scar line, or I dab it on there with the white stick attached to the black cap.


    Well, this is the first week, so I have no idea what to expect. Until I get actual red colored Iodine, I will use this DECOLORIZED version. Not for long though, I may get some tomorrow. I will attach pictures of my glans to show the potential progression. Will do weekly updates, and at times more frequent than that.

    Pictures of week one:


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      Journal Entry: 1 August 2017

      Pictures of what I use right now,

      Stayed tuned, folks:


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        Journal Entry: 5 August 2017

        Update before my weekly progress pictures.
        I was able to purchase the red colored Iodine tincture from my local Walgreens. "Tincture" just means that the other substance dissolves in alcohol, i.e. the iodine.

        I started to apply it today. This tincture does not burn my glans as opposed to the DECOLORIZED iodine. Maybe there is something to the red color of natural iodine - this tincture also lacks the ammonium hydroxide which was present in the DECOLORIZED iodine which exacerbates the burning sensation. The red colored Iodine burns, but the duration and magnitude are less pronounced. Better for me!


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          Iodine is a disinfectant. It has nothing to do with restoration. It has nothing to do with mitosis and skin growth. Your penile mucosa (the tissue which covers your glans, old inner foreskin) allows many substances to go into your blood stream, and then go into your whole system. Sometime this can be a problem. At the usual 2% solution, it probably isn't a problem. Stronger solutions, or many applications, can be a problem. But all of this still means that iodine won't promote skin growth.

          But your choice is yours to make.


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            Originally posted by Info View Post

            Iodine is a disinfectant. It has nothing to do with restoration. . .
            Well, this will be an interactive journal, then. Here is some information I have come across about iodine and it's potential to just heal a scar. If it is able to help with a scar on your arm/face for example, then the scar on the skin of one's own penis should not differ, just because the penis intrinsically comes highly specialized nerves.


            Life is full of possibilities, but I do get where you are coming from.


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              Interactive because my interest was in general safety. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.


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                It's all good, I did not mind at all!


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                  Journal Entry: 8 August 2017


                  The first week has concluded. After using the DECOLORIZED iodine for the first 3 days I I thereafter have substituted for the red iodine tincture. As mentioned before the red iodine does not burn for as long nor as strongly. The glans of my penis had noticeably changed. Scars less prominent. The pink color has gotten brighter as well. The glans and my frenulum have more feeling to them. It tickles, to me. No not

                  So, for the first week i not only used the red iodine with the Equate Vaporizing Rub, but I used Genes Vitamin E Cream one day to transition into the use of aloe vera, and when I ran out of the Vaporizing Rub I made fresh aloe vera gel. It has been my main combination now with the red iodine.


                  So, I now apply anywhere from 10-13 drops of the red iodine over the circumference of my circumcision scar. And I also apply one drop to my entire glans. Once I roll up the coverskin, the red iodine already applied around the circumference of my scar seeps out onto the entire glans itself. It moves down a concentration gradient, in other words. I keep it on for at least 3 hours before I reapply it. I use it twice a day. The aloe vera is applied directly to the glans.

                  MORE THOUGHTS

                  None. Will report back next week. Here are pictures.


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                    A few more pictures.


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                      Very interesting idea, doing a sort of one-person study on this. Never heard of that iodine trick before, but I hope it works for you.


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                        I don't know what to say about the pubmed abstract. The general language used is odd, not what you'd expect from a scientific research paper. Maybe it was translated from a non English language, but even at that I have the tendency to doubt that it's real. I don't know that for a fact, though. I think the jury's out. So all I can say is just be careful, keep your eyes open for tissue changes. Good luck.


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                          Most circumcision scars, particularly infant circumcision scars, are not really scars in the medical sense of the word. I have some remnants of a true scar on my face from an accident when I was a child - that tissue is whiter and less elastic than the skin around it. True scars have scar tissue and are poorly vascularized (which is why they are relatively light colored - from poor/compromised blood flow). Most infant circumcision "scars" are caused by the hemostatic action of clamps and devices used during circumcision which leaves a mark. Mercifully, most (but not all!) infant circumcisions do not result in notable scar tissue production. I am not convinced iodine can eliminate such a marking, and references to publications about scars aren't really applicable for the reason I just mentioned. I have experienced some natural "scar" fade as a result of restoration, with no substances intentionally applied for that purpose. Check my restoration journal for pictures.
                          Visit my restoration progress journal.


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                            I agree, generally at least. Add to that the anecdotal reports that circ scars fade with repeated cycles of tension (mine did too) and circ scars are not much of an issue, unless we're talking about those few truly botched, crusty scars from a few cases.

                            I would like to see a better abstract than the one linked to. I still don't believe we're looking at something that wasn't changed somehow. The language just doesn't ring true.


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                              Originally posted by The Metal One View Post
                              Very interesting idea, doing a sort of one-person study on this. Never heard of that iodine trick before, but I hope it works for you.