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My penis is longer, thicker and softer?

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  • My penis is longer, thicker and softer?

    Has anyone experienced there penis consistently hanging better and being longer, thicker and softer due to more skin?

    I am asking this because I vividly remember before and at least a year into restoring, my penis becoming really thin and tight when my scrotal skin would tighten or in cold weather. Now I understand this is normal for the scrotal skin to tighten to draw the testicles closer to the body for heat but my penis would become unnaturally really tight and thin as well. Almost like I had a Phimotic ring around 2/3rds of my shaft! Gladly this no longer happens when it is cold or my scrotum tightens, my penis stays pretty much unaffected and stays soft and thick, which I'm attributing to the extra skin on my penis now being enough to accommodate my penis and the tightening/harvesting that occurs when the scrotum contracts. I make this observation because I used to notice if an intact guy was cold or his scrotum was tight his penis would remain pretty much the same thickness and length except for some tightening of the tip of the foreskin whereas my penis would become noticeably thinner, shorter and really tight around the shaft. Also since restoring my skin always feels really soft now, even when erect. I have no erect coverage but I have full skin mobility up and down which when I started, pulling down the shaft was 100% a NO NO! Not even a mm of movement. And pulling up over the glans had 1cm if that of movement. But compared with now I can pull down at least 1 1/2 inches and pull the skin up quite comfortably to fully cover the glans when erect.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone else has had a similar observation or the same thin, tight and shortening in the penis I experienced. As I have not heard anyone raise this before.
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    Oh yeah. This is common. Your dick was designed to live in a loose sock, not a tight sausage casing. I was cut as an adult (too tightly I might add) and even I am experiencing this phenomenon. Wait until you have full coverage!


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      Skin for me used to be as tight as that of a finger. I'll never forget the day it 'broke' loose I thought I'd caused serious damage. In reality I must have broken up scar tissue and allowed normal movement.

      Now with restoring I have FEC and can move the skin all the way up and down the shaft with complete comfort.

      Next step for me is to hold the scrotum in one hand tightly, and move the skin of the penis on its own. 2 months ago this was not possible. Now I can move about a half inch like this, and I look forward to one day having 100% FEC in this way.
      Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

      Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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        I can say yes this does happen. I had 50% FEC when I started and I now have 195% FEC.


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          Something similar has happened to me. I have achieved complete flaccid coverage over a period of 12 years. When I started my shaft was about average, not overly thick. However, my glans has a very pronounced flare that caused years of heartache trying to get my developing skin tube to roll over. Finally my glans is covered and with my big, wide corona padding everything out, the result is a super-thick look that I am very proud of. When I am erect, with my glans uncovered, rolls of pink inner skin sit immediately behind it and my shaft skin is relaxed and mobile. No longer is scrotal skin drawn up my shaft to accommodate the erection and consequently there has been an increase in mobility and width, creating an altogether much more impressive cock. I started my restoration at 58 years old – why did I leave it so late! I have a blog on this site that illustrates the changes I have referred to in this reply.
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            Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
            Oh yeah. This is common. Your dick was designed to live in a loose sock, not a tight sausage casing.
            Damn! You just opened my eyes! That is totally how I would describe it! And I love to put on socks! Thanks.


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              i've only been restoring for about 2 months now (started at ci-4) but I can already feel the difference you guys described, my penis feels less like just a "solid rod" and more like these 2 entities that come together (the shaft skin/new foreskin and the penile tissues), I thought it was weird at first but then I realized this is the way it always should have been lol