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    Restoring lets Gliding Action happen, most non-hormone birth control methods still don't let it happen.

    I ran across this new product that's still in beta testing, it's NOT approved enough by anyone to make any claims about anything.

    It's a temporary urethra seal to keep precum and ejaculate in your penis instead of her. What's cool is all of your penis shaft, and most of your glans aren't covered or affected by this.

    I'm not affiliated with them, i've not even ordered or tried it yet.
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    Makes you wonder a couple of things:

    1. How effective it would be. Nature has a way of getting around barriers, and it does this (from time to time) with all physical modes of birth control.

    2. How this would affect the combined sensations of orgasm and ejaculation (which are two different events), when ejaculation doesn't happen in the same way. Might be a deal breaker for some guys.


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      I can't imagine how painful this must be to remove. Ejaculate has been known to come out with such force as to break normal condoms if not applied properly, so how sticky must this thing be to not allow any leaks? Also, is the material stretchy or not? The glans expands and contracts quite considerably at various levels of arousal so if it doesn't stretch then either it would uncomfortably restrain your glans or it would peel off. And if it does stretch then how does that affect the impenetrability of the bond?

      There are nonhormonal birth control methods that allow for mostly normal penis to vagina interaction. That's probably why Elaine was so upset when she heard that birth control sponges were going off the market. Sure, sponges and diaphragms don't have as good of a track record as condoms, but they do exist and if paired with spermicide are probably a better bet than a penis sticker that is sold for novelty purposes.

      Also, I guess it's worth pointing out that there's a second very significant reason that condoms are used, which is to prevent transmission of disease, which this product does absolutely nothing to prevent. So this product (assuming it works) is only a solution if you aren't worried about diseases.


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        Good point about the STD aspect of the thing. And I guess to cover other potential problems: adhesive reactions, possible tears to glans tissue if the adhesive is strong and the sex is rough, and loss of the "sticker" in the vaginal canal is the adhesive if weaker (and water soluble, which it had better be, or ouch), and ... fiddling with the damn thing when you got lucky and didn't put it on before the event; I suspect there could be a "aw, the hell with it" in that case.
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          This seems an almost shockingly bad idea. And they (wink wink, nod nod) say it's not for STI or pregnancy prevention. Then what the fuck is it for?
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            retrograde ejaculation.. no thanks.


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              Originally posted by dragons View Post
              retrograde ejaculation.. no thanks.
              Really. Coming in your bladder. Not what it was designed for. And eventual infertility. Doesn't sell the concept to me.