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  • Tissue NanoTransfection Technology

    I was surfing the net and found this article on usa today. Apparently this technology injects genetic code into skin cells that can heal ANY organ including brain tissue. Maybe THIS is the holy grail for foreskin regeneration?

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    That is an interesting find - but how to apply it in restoration - ie Would one need to super stretch on some medieval foreskin rack and then inject genetic code?
    Think I will stick to daily stretches and then retention using Reverse Taping Method as that seem to grown the front part I need now to complete my restoration.


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      I didn't read the article very thoroughly or look at any other material, but it looks like the whole idea is that they are able to change skin cells into another type of cell that is more useful. That's almost the opposite of what we want, we want more skin.


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        That sounds really interesting, I wonder if you could fully restore then turn your scar line or tip back into a ridged band? Interesting


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          It's a good example of popular media vs a scientific publication.

          The first glosses over all the basic details (which makes it a substandard article) while failing to mention any of the barriers, and the second (a scientific publication) is.........not there. Nothing scientific here. We've seen enough abstracts on this forum to realize that this is a magazine article and nothing else. Well, nothing except for the slight-of-hand done with a mention of the FDA and "expected" human trials. Anybody catch that? Those two are many, many, many years apart. But the key word in the whole thing is the word "potential". What potential? Nothing's been tried yet on humans, so you can't even use the word; not in a real sense.

          But what I get a kick out of is placing this article in a comparison with Foregen's usual language. Even with no real detail and the slight of hand, the article still manages to crush Foregen and it's failure at describing anything at all.

          And if anything comes of it, after the years it will take, then matt's point begins to play into the situation: too many conditions out there for anyone to even think about "foreskin", and all those conditions would each start at square one, with all the needed experimentation and eventual regulatory approval and licensing needed for each application.

          We live in the real world.