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  • Introduction & Few Questions...

    I'm new to this forum and the restoration community in general, so I apologize up front if any of my questions/concerns have already been addressed in the past, either in this forum or elsewhere online and I've somehow missed or overlooked them...

    As a brief introduction... I'm 50 years old and was circumcised days after I was born, so having been cut has been my entire life's experience, despite the fact that as far back as I can remember I've always wanted a foreskin, and in my mind I've always seen myself with one quite clearly... I've sought out restoration options many times in the distant past and was always very discouraged by the lack of what I felt were reasonable options, so I had sadly given up any hope, until revisiting the idea again recently... Thankfully things have come a long way since I last checked, and I'm now kicking myself for not having followed the community more closely a lot sooner... Damn...

    I've been doing a huge amount of research online and it appears that Ron has the best product line that's reliably available, as seeing the success other men have had I'm now convinced that it's possible for me as well... That being said, I don't own any of Ron's products yet but I'm at the ordering stage and had some final questions/concerns and I thought this forum might be the best spot for some answers...

    Looking at the products available, I really felt that the TLC Air was my best option based on everything I've read, as I understand it, it will stretch the skin more to the top of the shaft right below the glans, and the TLC-X and TLC Tugger will stretch the skin a bit further below the glans... My big concern is that I have a PA piercing which I think is going to really complicate the Air option... Taping the urethra at the end of my glans won't be an issue but taping the hole underneath my glans is going to be difficult and may possibly make the Air option dangerous... Does anyone have any experience with using the TLC Air with a PA piercing?

    Secondly, I have an average to small size penis just over 5" and a fully intact long frenulum that is fairly tight when erect going down to my circ scar... I'm restoring from a CI-1 and would love to get to a CI-7 or 8, which I know will take years, but I'm prepared for the work ahead... Most of the pictures and videos demonstrations I've come across of the TLC Air, TLC-X and TLC Tugger are of men with substantially larger penises... Also, they all seem to already have a considerable amount of new skin growth with good overhang, making these products look very easy to use and also complimenting a larger penis... So, I guess my question/concern is how easy are these products to use with an average or smaller size penis? Does having a fully intact frenulum that is fairly tight complicate the stretching process at all?

    Apologies once again for the long post... Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm just trying to be as informed as possible so I can get this right from the start... I just wished I had started this process ages ago and already on the other side of this and helping other people...

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    I echoed your PA question in the section for piercings, etc. See that thread

    And sorry I didn't have the resources to make TLC demos until I had been tugging for 4 years.

    The main thing that shows you're ready for a tapeless device is the ability to force-cover the whole glans and hide the glans in skin (nudging the glans back as needed while raking the skin forward) while flaccid.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Thanks for the quick response Ron and echoing my question...

      No apologies needed... Your demo videos, pictures etc. are all awesome and have been hugely helpful... From what I can see you've clearly been a real inovator, inventor and a modern pioneer for the restoration community, so kudos to you and thank you...

      Yes, I'm definetly and very thankfully ready for tapeless, and to be on the safe side right now I've just ordered your TLC-X and will reassess the air option in the future...


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        Welcome to the forum and foreskin restoration. I hope your TLC-X works for you and that you reach your goal.
        Take care and keep tugging.


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          Welcome and productive tugging to you. I don't really have a valid comment but I wanted to say we had a similar timeline, I first started researching and learning about it 25 years ago. There was not much going on commercially and there were many improvements to come at that time. I did start my process though. I struggled through a few techniques and found things that worked for me. What I regret is being on and off with it. I would make some progress then be happy with that for a while then decide to go further, then stop again. At this point people assume I'm uncut I have full forced erect coverage. Flaccid overhang and 1/2 - 3/4 coverage erect. I have even managed a bit of a pucker with my tip. I wish I would have gotten to my end point years ago, and I've recently decided to go a little further again. Hahaha. I will say though some of my breaks were due to injury and I did need several long resting times.
          My advice. Don't be too aggressive and make sure you don't restrict blood flow to that skin you want to grow so badly. Keep it healthy and comfortable. It is about time and patients and it is a long journey.

          Enjoy the process and welcome!