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Methods of retaining that don't come off easy?

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  • Methods of retaining that don't come off easy?

    I'm looking for suggestions on other methods of retaining that don't come off easy. I have been using a TLC Your Skin Cone but it falls off way to easy. I have tried using O-rings but I just don't think I have enough skin yet. Tape will not stay on against nocturnal erections or much of anything in my experience. Are there other options I am not aware of?

    Also, how long does it take to de-keratinize and does the inner-foreskin de-keratinize in addition to the glans?

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    When using O-rings you can combine them with a keeper, many people use a baby bottle nozzle for this, but many other things that you have around the house could do the trick as well. Tape can also help to reduce the risk of the rings letting go and if you have too little skin you could also cross-tape the skin to retain. You could also consider to go for wider o-rings, but you have to make sure that the glans cannot go through as it could become painful when getting erect.

    Also, plastic pawns from board games can work as retainer for o-rings. I used some of those in my early days when I was restoring solely with multiple o-rings.
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      Tight underwear works (roll down your skin and trap it with the underwear), doesn't take much skin. Plastic bandaids in a cross pattern work (you want them to loosen if the force of an erection is strong enough to do that).

      Nobody can give you any sort of accurate estimate on how long it takes for covered mucosa to start to shed flakes. This is a microscopic process (in all but the crustiest cases), and it takes as long as it takes. And yes, old inner mucosa de keratinizes. This will bring increased sensation in all but the glans-body proper (you'll get a bit there, but not much).