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How ci is it?

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  • How ci is it?

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    Looks CI 3 to me. Maybe 3,5


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      I'd say it is a CI-3 unless you had partial coverage of your glans when sitting down, in which case I'd say CI-3.5 ~ CI-4.

      You clearly seem to have lots of skin wrinkling against your corona, which denotes a good restoration point. I mean, if you've been restoring for some months, you are at a good point, keep on tugging! If you're planning to start your restoration, you have a very good starting point.

      In any case, you seem to have enough skin for a good mobility and "gliding action" . I think you can use any tapeless restoration device right now, or keep using manual tugging if you like it.

      Be constant, do some tugging every day and time will do the rest.
      From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.


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        You seem to have a lot of good slack skin there. KOT and soon you will have flaccid roll over.