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  • Manual VS Device

    So we have manual tension which is generally applied for less than an hour a day, and tension devices which are generally applied for 8+ hours per day. From what I've seen, they both produce results at about the same rate, which I find peculiar.

    It seems to me that if a ten minute manual tugging session will induce skin expansion, wearing a tension device for ten minutes should have the same effect. What is the difference between manual and device tension that makes manual methods work in minutes, whereas devices have to be worn all day to get the same results?

    ...Or have we been keeping our devices on way longer than necessary?

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    I'm actually very curious about this too. I used a tape-canister method for about 2 months and then witnessed more growth in 1 month of dedicated manual tugging than in those 2 months with the film canister.


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      From my experience, it appears that men using devices may be keeping them on longer than is necessary to trigger skin growth. I started out trying to get as close to 24/7/365 as I could. Had good progress sometimes, poor progress other times.

      I finally realized I was not keeping tension as constant as I could, so experimented, and, at the same time tried 4-6 hours, 4 days a week. Bingo, keeping the tension more constant, and probably more importantly, at the level it had been at when my progress was best, gave me better progress all the time. So, reducing time under tension was better, in a sense.

      Then I gave inflation a try, and also reduced time under tension to 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. Best progress ever. Probably because the balloon was more effective at tensioning my skin, would be my guess, but again, less time better progress, in a sense.

      I would argue that if manual tuggers have good progress with only minutes of tension per session, a few times a day, and I have had better progress with as little as 20 minutes twice a day, we really do not know what the lower limits are regarding time under tension, but I see no reason that any method would not be effective using the times that manual tuggers use, all else being equal.

      But all else may not be equal. It may be that devices worn for long periods are not as effective at keeping tension at the optimal level. It could be that by wearing devices for long periods of time, body movements during that time could vary the tension and thus result in achieving optimal tension enough of the time to be effective. But that is just a hypothesis.



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        Triggering cell division isnt about the length of time under tension. It's about finding the optimum tension for YOU. Everyone's optimum tension is different, so some experimenting is necessary. Too little nothing happens. Too much and your body goes into healing mode instead of growth mode. Once you find YOUR optimum tension, a couple hours per day is more than ideal. Besides, who wants to wear that damn contraption for long periods of time?