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    Yo tuggers, How do you establish or refresh the long term marathon mentality of this process? I'm 15 months in and have seen gains. Sometimes my optimism and patience flags a bit. Do you have a mantra that spurs you on? I've not thought of quitting but get a little despondent about the process. Varying variety of restoration methods and appreciation of positive impacts to sex help. Sometimes impatience can lead to over-tugging. How do you refresh your intensity of purpose when it dips? KOT

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    It's a dam long journey, but there are so many milestones of improvement that make it all worth while for sticking it out.
    As Yoda would say do or do not there try. For those that keep at it, it is a revelation.
    But it is not for every one, some waste their time smoking or getting drunk, why not tug every spare moment... more healthier restoring to a near version of OEM and that seems to be
    a great thing.

    One does need patience and lot of time at it time, if 60% was cut off at least on average, you need 2-1/2 time what you were left with.
    1mm a month if things go well for some (others at the right age might get 3mm per month) They say 3-4 years (To make it much better functional)
    I'm at the 12 year mark and will be looking at least OEM in hotter weather by 15. I must admit wasted a lot of the earlier years due to bad techniques etc.
    So it is very important to work out what is best for each applicable stage of progress (where you are at)

    But yes, watching grass grow is faster than regrowing a foreskin, yes this is where we are at in the here and now.
    I'll be finished and with improvements before science has any answers for a very long time indeed.


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      It is a slow process, but just as my approach to life itself, I try my best to appreciate each moment, rather than focusing on some end goal. If I wish for a restored foreskin overnight, will it happen? No. Nothing is solved immediately, so all I can do is continue the process and be pleasantly surprised by milestones along the way. And in the short time I've been at it (nearly a year and a half, somewhat inconsistently), some milestones have happened along. That initial stretching of skin within a month after starting, where I suddenly found more sensitivity...after that waned, the new pleasures of masturbation without relying on lubrication...or the occasional sight of my head partially covered when sitting naked...or the night that my finacee told me that I now feel 'smoother' inside of her. I'm still at CI-3, but these are some great markers that are not to be skimmed over while focused on something that's possibly still a handful of years away.

      On top of that, though...I honestly find enjoyment in the process of tugging, whether it's feeling a manual stretch or the constant downward pull of some weight on the TLC-X throughout the day.


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        I'm not so sure I would call it a marathon, it just becomes a part of your daily routine, for us it was seriously not much of an imposition everyday it was just a fact of life, some people have to take meds at a certain time of day, we wear a foreskin restoration device. When it's done it's done till then just keep it in routine.