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has anyone used this nock off version of the dtr on ebay

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  • has anyone used this nock off version of the dtr on ebay

    so i found this on ebay but im not sure if i should buy this or just spend the extra money and get the dtr this has all the accessories that cost extra for the dtr and this looks 100% like the dtr.

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    It's out of Poland according to Ebay. Personally I would rather support someone in the US and not have to deal with an international transaction from someone in Poland. Seems like more things could go wrong with it.


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      It seems like a cheap imitation. Descriptions like "VERY GOOD ,VERY CHEAP", "VERY LARGE RESULT !!!", "MADE OF GOOD MATERIALS" make me keep on searching elsewhere.
      The seller seems to have 100% positive votes, but you'd need to see if its plastic edges are properly polished, if the silicone retainer is made of a good silicone that doesn't cause any adverse skin reaction... I can't really tell from the pictures.
      If you reside outside Europe, you may be charged some customs duties. Within Europe, the shipping costs are 9.13€/$10 with "Zero customs charges".
      If you're really interested in it, I'm afraid you'll have to buy and try.
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        Hmm yah you guys are probably right


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          Why would you buy this crap? The creator is a real person and nice guy. Support his business and efforts and stop being so cheap.
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            I bought one of these from ebay , Came from Poland and no shipping charges ontop. I have been using it for 1 month now and had no adverse reactions and it seems to me to be well made with no sharp edges so have not had any problems with it, i cannot compare it with a genuine dtr as i have never owned one but in my opinion it is worth the money and is a real option if like me you are on a budget .


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              It's all of a maybe $20 discount on a DTR. Color me unimpressed on this knockoff.
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