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  • Your skin cone?

    Should or can i wear it in the shower?

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    Unless you take INCREDIBLY long showers I see no benefit. You do want and need to keep clean down there as well so the answer to 'should you' is, no you shouldn't. As to can you... I wouldn't think so as the water would probably make it slip off. Have you tired to? You could see how it works for 'science' but maybe before you actually bathe that area of your body. ;-)


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      I'd speculate that for most users the cone would fall off before they were done showering, due to:
      - liquid seeping between skin and silicone
      - no briefs to support weight of cone
      - changing state of penile skin due to warm water and/or cool evaporative breeze.
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        You can, but I'm not sure why you would.
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          I usually jump into the shower with the cone on, but it slips off in a few minutes, when warm water and soap run down there. So I put it aside until I'm finished. When I'm done, I dry myself off, rinse the device, dry it off and put it back on.

          "should you?" it's not necessary, you can keep it aside for a few minutes.
          "can you?" yes, but it will slip off

          While in the shower, you can wash your penis just with water. Try not to put special attention in washing your member with soap, since it tends to dry out your skin.
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