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De-keratinization process time?

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  • De-keratinization process time?

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick question. I was wondering how long the process of de-keratinization takes usually. Time isn't a factor, but it is a subject during the restoration that I've not heard a lot about other than it happens.

    During my now 1 month milestone, I've been covered except for 3 days during the start. Sometimes after a long day the skin is smoother, yet in the air for a few minutes it dries out again. It seems to be a losing battle sometimes, however the skin has been getting a ton better on the head.

    Any thoughts on this or is this completely a normal part of the healing process and I shouldn't expect to see any solid results for a few more months?

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    Hi, Nitro,
    In my case, dekeratinization and its effects (softer skin, change to purple color, increased sensitivity) have occurred gradually over time. During the last 2 years, my shaft has changed from a dry 'feel-nothing' stick to a more pleasurable sex toy. And I'm still halfway towards my goal.

    I remember reading in the old forum that some people had experienced dekeratinization as a sudden process, with some patches of skin peeling off their glans from one day to the next.
    From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.


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      Hi Allie! Missed your response. I only asked simply because in the winter season, I find that when I'm uncovered for a short time, it feels as if it dries out again, however not in the deep drying out that was before. I guess that is my body's natural reaction to things like... the air... all of which I took for granted before I was covered.

      I have yet to experience any peeling or anything, however since I began, I've been 100% faithful in keeping myself covered at absolutely all necessary times. I wonder what will happen as each week goes on!


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        This happened at about the 6 week period. Lasted to month 8. Massive sensation increase. I was 14 at the time. Wash with water.
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          Dekeratinization is variable. At times, the skin may peel like after a sunburn. At other times, it may shed in particles so small you do not notice them. When either of these occurs is also variable. I have had both types of dekeratinization episodes, and I am still dekeratinizing. From the reports of those who have reached full time coverage, you do not fully dekeratinize until you have been completely covered essentially all the time while flaccid.


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            I have just started restoring again, but there is a suggestion I can offer to help with the keratinization process. This creme really helps speed up the process, especially if you keep your glans covered with a retainer of some sort in between applications, like a retention ring or the TLC.

            I would suggest you try to find a creme with Alpha-Hydroxy. It's a mild plant derived exfoliant that is not only good for removing dead skin cells and promoting growth of new ones on the shaft skin, but it is excellent when used on a regular basis to dekeratinize the glans. It will change the rough and calloused surface of the glans that is typical for the circumcised penis, to the kind of smooth-skinned glans you typically see in pictures of intact men while erect. The increase in sensitivity is just amazing, not only long term, but quite instantly when you are applying it, and the sensitivity better and better as time goes by. Sex afterwards is an eye-opener, and it gives one a better idea of what we've been missing sensitivity-wise without a foreskin to keep the glans protected, moist and smooth. I highly recommend it.

            Initially, I used it several times a week until my glans became smooth, and then weekly thereafter to maintain the smoothness. My feeling is that once you get full coverage when soft it won't be an issue anymore, but if your glans is not smooth already, then by all means give it a try.

            The brand I still have some left of after not restoring for a while is St. Ives Alpha-Hydroxy Facial Renewal Cleanser. If that brand is not available any more, or not available in your local drug store, ask a clerk if they have another brand with Alpha-Hydroxy. There are other brands, so you might try googling it as well. I have some pictures posted in my gallery on if you are interested in seeing more before picture and a series of after results over time.

            Picture 1 is from when I stretched a while back to give you an idea. This is a before and after sequence from a single application with the skin pulled a little more taught on the after shot (right). Keep in mind that I had already been using the creme for a month or so. Picture 2 is from another angle


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              Wow! That's absolutely amazing! I'm not near that point yet, but after checking my progress photos, I can totally see it changing. I realize it will take time, but it is totally worth it.


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                I take it You have full coverage? If not, just how sensitive is it?


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                  Parsecskin, no I don't have full coverage. I have partial coverage flaccid and loose enough skin to partially cover my glans when erect on the upstroke. I achieved this kind of smooth skin by using the Alpha-Hydroxy while keeping my glans covered most of the time when stretching and by retaining with the TLC Tugger or other methods. I haven't stretched for a couple of years but just restarted the same regimen and already my glans is almost back to the same smoothness as pictured in the earlier post and is significantly more sensitive than just a few weeks ago. I now apply the A-H creme before showering, and on off days, by itself followed by Vitamin E creme to moisturize. It works pretty quickly. It's sensitive enough to feel my clothing whenever I go commando, and it's especially sensitive when putting on creme, during manual tugging and of course when masturbating. When I do attain full coverage enough to protect my glans then I won't have to worry using A-H cremes, but I'm pretty sure I will still use moisturizers to keep my skin moist and fresh.


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                    What beautiful shiny glans. Ive been covering for about 3 years and still have some cracked crater like glans. It's much much more sensitive but I'd like to get those nice shine.

                    I'll try that Alpha hydroxy too.


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                      In my personal experience I have used a combination of creams (moisturiser, dry skin, skin cleaner...) for years on advice of my dermatologist, and you can see some changes only thanks to that. Be careful, skin cleaner have salicylic acid that helps removing dead skin etc, the penis even if "keratinised" is not like the normal skin, any cream you use should have maximum 5% of that acid.

                      Creams for very damaged skin can help a lot too like Cicabiafine Intense Repair (body or hands), Neutrogena Intense Care, Biafine (light burns repairs), who contains a lot of glycerine. The fist too are rather think and therefor maintain a very long moisturising effect. The latter is very good as well, but must be used differently (you basically pour the cream and let the skin absorb it, and repeat until the skin cannot take anymore, then you are good).

                      You can also try any sensitive skincare moisturiser, but they last lest. Creams with Vitamin E, collagen, glycerine, etc and natural oils like Aloe Vera etc ( are very good. In general, common sense would say, any skincare product for sensitive skin or that is aiming at repairing though long skin cell hydration will help to reduce keratinisation.
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                        I've been experimenting with different creams and moisturizers pretty much the entire time I've been restoring now for about 5 months. 100% flaccid coverage time when possible using Manhood, CI-3.5 and 95% FEC. The creams I use are Eucerin Intense Repair Rich Lotion (it might have AH), Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Cream (AH), coconut oil, and once in awhile, nothing.

                        At exactly 4 months into my restoration and after a long HOT shower, every part of the head/foreskin/whatever that had been kept covered (even some of the outer shaft skin) acquired a shell of hard skin, 20 minutes uncovered dry time after shower. Examining it caused it to all start flaking, and that layer of skin came off shortly after...then 3 more to follow in the next 2-3 days. It was pretty exciting! With each shedding layer, I was using Neutrogena Pore Refining exfoliating cleanser (AH) to assist the shedding. After each treatment the entire thing was 100% free of dead skin and it was feeling awesome (but tender, so be careful with that stuff). Losing the first layer was the biggest shock (it was almost too tender) and I've definitely felt like I've gained a couple points on the sensitivity scale. I haven't lost any layers since, but I have noticed little patches here and there that seem to be shedding skin. The head looks much shinier and not so bumpy when hard now, but still has plenty of 'cracks' that show room for improvement.

                        One thing I did notice with the rich lotion is that I felt a difference in how sensitive I was within a day or two when I used only that to moisturize; my sensitivity seemed to increase... Wasn't much, but it was noticeable to me. That cream is super gooey, though. It'll last all day as a puddle inside your covered foreskin. Very oily. I have to use Dawn to wash it off.

                        Wow that's a huge improvement, Stretchinit! Nice


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                          Sounds encouraging to all restorers! Exactly what I thought, intense care hand creams are great! Just for the reccord, what is 95% FEC?


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                            FEC forced erect coverage


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                              Thanks! I'll calculate mine when removing the DTR. Seems a good way to track progress.

                              Anyway back to the topic... Not a big fan of the manhood but I suppose that it speeds up the restoration whilst growing new skin. So its a good idea!