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    Can anyone direct me to a site or sites that sell sleeves that protect the penis. I'm restoring everyday of course, but have a long way to go. I remember looking at some awhile back that were supposed to actually feel like foreskin. I can't remember how I found them though. Could something like this be worn during intercourse to simulate the feeling of foreskin? Thank you

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    The two sleeves I'm aware of: (I have three of these, and most times when I'm wearing it, I'm also wearing the Your-Skin Cone)
    The SenSlip foreskin can help circumcised men who choose to not go with foreskin restoration. Our worldwide survey showed 76% of cut men were unhappy with their circumcision.

    I wouldn't try wearing either one of these during sex, but keeping your glans covered does make a difference after a couple of weeks. I haven't been retaining 24/7 (more like 16/7, either with the TLC-X or the Manhood), and it's still quite a noticeable change.