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Foreskin Shape after restored

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  • Foreskin Shape after restored

    Ok this is something that I am afraid of and continues to go through my head through out the day. So does the restored foreskin look natural minus the frenulum or is it unnatural baggy sheath that stays in place because of gravity? I want to go for the most natural look I can.

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    ditto what Reality said. My skin looks as natural as any natural foreskin I have seen, other than I have not quite gotten to my goal yet.


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      Thanks guys for sharing your experiences; I am new-ish to restoring and had the same concerns dmike23 did. I think I was just seeing some of the swelling you guys mentioned and was worried that the 'final' result would be this thick-ish skin I was seeing. Good to hear that it ends up naturally constricting with enough time and progress.