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    After telling here that I wanted to talk about my foreskin restoration with an urologist, some people told me that they are ignorant in the subject and it would be pointless. As I had to do a check up yearly because of my job, including going to an urologist (basically to see my prostate), I thought that it would be interesting what an urologist would say.

    At the appointment, he started looking my abdomen ultrasound to see the size of my prostate and other tests (blood, urine, etc..), then I said that I want to ask about another issue. He said: “Sure, go ahead”. Then I started telling him that I was circumcised as a baby, that I never fell glad about it, that I felt as a mutilated man, etc... Many of the issues raised in this forum. Then, I mentioned that I saw on the internet a lot of men doing the foreskin restoration, said that I was also doing, showed him my device, etc... After hearing me, he started by: “You are the first patient to bring that to me”, so I felt: “Wow, I am opening his mind”. Then he said: “You are wasting your money on that”. Then, my reaction was to ask him: “If it is not your money, why are you worried about mine?” But I didn't want to start being harsh to him, since I wanted to hear more.

    Then, he started saying that if I was having more pleasure while masturbating myself and not having pain while tugging, then he was not going to tell me that I shouldn't do that. However, he noted that pleasure is my mind and that I needed to look for a psychologist. At that point, I nearly asked him if he has orgasms just talking to his wife, but again I wanted to hear more so I let him talk. He started telling all the medical reasons to circumcise, but when he said that circumcised men have less chance to get AIDS, I contested him by telling him that this study was criticized because the control group was not selected properly (I have already worked with impact evaluation and he got shocked with this statement).

    Anyway, he kept his explanations and in the middle of it, he said that he was also circumcised, then I asked him whether it was at birth, but he said that it was at the age of three. Then, he started saying that he does have a lot of pleasure with his penis, etc... Then, I asked: “Ok, the glans of an intact man is the same from a circumcised one? Which one has the glans more sensitive?” He opened his eyes shocked and started telling me that intact men have precocious ejaculation and a lot of other problems that they have. So, I just asked again: “If they have precocious ejaculation, it means that they have more sensation in their glans, right?” and he started telling me again that I needed to find a psychologist and the problem was in my head. Talked about transgender, surgical foreskin restoration, thousand of problems with penis. Then, I stopped him and said: “Look this is an interesting area of research and you are missing an opportunity”, but he did not want to give importance to that and kept talking. He talked for around 45 minutes with him getting angry and nervous. In the middle of the conversation, he walked around his office, put his things in his bag to leave, etc...

    After hearing him a lot, I stopped him to make the last question: “What about my prostate?” At that moment, he realized that he completely forgot to talk to me about it and got embarrassed. He sat down again and he told me that my prostate was fine, etc...

    When I was leaving, he was sitting on his chair with a semblance of despair because he lost his control just because I was making some questions about foreskin restoration.

    My interpretation of his reaction is that he become an urologist to understand why he was circumcised and now he got confronted by an ordinary man telling him that all the reasons for circumcise might be wrong and that it is possible to restore his foreskin.

    I believe he might become a new member of this group soon looking for advice. Lol

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    Good job at keeping your composure, sounds like. You made it into a good learning moment. He apparently had to question his beliefs, and he was surprised by his emotion. If he comes here, great! If not, you got him thinking critically about the dogma ha has always accepted without question. Well done!



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      Jesus on ice skates! That's amazing! Well done good sir!