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  • Canister method tape PEEL

    おはよう! So I'm new to restoring and have been at it less than a month. I am restoring to get rid of hairy shaft, just in case you wanted to know. I have been using the canister method due to lack of skin. So today at work, I had to run up flights of stairs quickly with a fire extinguisher. In short, stair-skipping caused the skin that was in contact with the tape to peel of some of my skin it seems. Where the tape was I have a red mark that looks like a carpet burn. No bleeding. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. Hopefully just some antibiotic cream and time will heal without scaring.

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    Hope you're OK... I can relate a bit to some of what you're experiencing, not to that extent though. At least I don't think??? Anyway, when I started a few months back I was using taped canisters too. I wore mine to work one day that was particularly busy. ( concessions) I was running around like crazy and kneeling and standing. I didn't notice any discomfort until I showered and removed my device. I had a red line across the top of my shaft that was slightly tender. I attributed it to being a point of maximum tension and that was where my skin was stretching a bit too quickly. It wasn't what I would describe as painful, just irritating for awhile. I'm trying to remember man, I'm sorry. I think it must've taken about 3-4 days to go back to normal. I only took one day off from restoration... Again, hope you're OK and back at it... KOT


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      Yeah it seems to be getting better, scab came off in the shower and now I just have a pink mark where it happened, probably will fade in time. I had a similar situation to you with the red mark that took some days to go away. That canister method has more risks than I initially recognized, I guess we just gotta be careful at work. Hope you can move on to a device soon!