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Ideas for making a shoulder harness for tugging at night

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  • Ideas for making a shoulder harness for tugging at night


    I am looking for some ideas for a shoulder harness that I can attach an elastic strap to for tugging at night. I want to tug from the shoulder at night and not from the leg/knee area.


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    It's very easy.

    Using one of Ron's suspenders, attach the adjustable end to the tugger, throw the strap over your shoulder and back under one arm or the other. Temporarily clip the loose end of the strap onto the strap somewhere near your navel above the tugger, adjust for tension and then attach a safety pin where you clipped the loose end of the strap and attach the clip to that. You may also need to attach a clip as a stop to prevent the adjustable end of the strap from moving.

    That's it!

    In order to prevent slippage of the strap off the shoulder and loss of tension, I also use a 2nd strap attached laterally around my torso to keep the primary strap "centered." This is optional and is only necessary if you have a problem w/the primary strap slipping off of your shoulder.
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      7055 Excellent request, this is how I tugged at night with no one in the house hold wiser....
      As above - slight variation - I had one of rons harness under one arm and around the back of the neck with it clipped back to the harness mid chest which made a perfectly vertical tug. You can Tug all night long with the right dual tension set up (Springs can accommodate the overnight and tugging up will help grow the lower skin and reduce scrotum pull as more skin is grown.
      It is a daily routine - so make it something easy to install / practical.


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        This idea isn't for night time use, but is very effective. I have an overhead anchor in the ceiling above my bed upon which I attach a suspender strap (heavier duty and better quality than TLC's, they don't wear out) with a digital fish scale on the end for reading tugging force. I use this in the morning and at night before bed. DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU ARE SLEEPING. Seeing as I am self employed and a 1 man show, I also have one above my desk at work and use it several times a day. Tugging at almost 90 degrees with a slight upward angle tensions the skin evenly and the fish scale allows accurate tension and also allows you to find "your" optimum tension. I initially started with 1lb, 10 oz and that was too much. I have dialed it in to 1 lb and this works much better. If you tug at night while sleeping, you better have ample skin to allow for nocturnal erections. Otherwise you can do damage.