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Measuring progress in the early stages

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  • Measuring progress in the early stages

    I'm 22 years old, and a beginner with restoring. I've been doing purely manual tugging (both method 2 and 3) for about 3 weeks. I have 5 minute sessions each day, once in the morning during a shower, every time I use the bathroom, and a much longer one when I'm laying in bed before I fall asleep. I understand that restoring is slow and takes years to complete, but I'd really like some way to measure progress to make sure what I'm doing is effective. I'm a CI-3 and my end goal is CI-7, which is full flaccid coverage. Compared to most pictures I've seen of circumcised guys, I was left with a very large amount of inner mucosal skin (about 1.25 inches), and my frenulum is intact up to that point. Hence, I'm exclusively targeting the "outer" shaft skin. The only thing different I've noticed since restoring is that my skin feels a bit more elastic and "rubbery". I haven't noticed any increase in length yet. Again, I don't expect to see significant results after just three weeks, but I want some way to gauge progress into the future.

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    I don't think anyone has a good way of measuring progress, and because of the variability in the behavior of the skin leading to inconsistency in measurement data combined with the slowness of change, any measurement data will look like a bunch of random dots averaging around whatever the actual measurement should be. Of course, with time you will find that the measurements will slowly trend in the direction of increasing length, but this trend will be hard to distinguish from any measurement noise.

    As for the measurement that you are taking, CI (Coverage Index) numbers are worthless, don't bother. FEC (Forced Erect Coverage) is probably slightly better, because by stretching the skin you are removing at least some of the variability that can occur just from the skin lying in a different manner due to temperature and other variables. However, the value of FEC is just an eyeball approximation of what percentage of your glans is covered, which in itself is imprecise, but also your glans is not always the same size at various levels of arousal. The most promising method I've heard of for measuring skin is by literally starting at one end of your skin and stretching it out and measuring it with a ruler, making tick marks as you go if you can't stretch and measure it all in one go without skin folding. But this is also imprecise because there is no key point at the base of your penis which says where your measurement should end, and every time you have to stop and start at a tick mark it is difficult to get the exact location correct where the previous measurement ended. Plus the natural variability.

    So basically, I wouldn't even try. Reality will come here and tell you that it's impossible to measure accurately and then say that anyone who has experienced restoration tracks their progress by mentally noting the increase of wrinkles in their skin. You can keep a photo log to help with this if you want. Other people might claim that they are able to make accurate enough measurements and even have plots of their growth, and you can listen to them if you want.

    If I were going to make these measurements, I would probably do them as regularly as possible (e.g. every morning) and in the same exact manner every time. Then I'd plot it with like a 60 day moving average. And I'd use that 60 day moving average as my way of tracking progress. But maybe even a 60 day average is too small.


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      Matt gave you a good overview and advice. I will only add how I approach it. When faced with lots of variation in measurements, like penises that change minute to minute, scientists take lots of measurements, essentially averaging them out over the multiple measurements. Based on this strategy, I observe my coverage many times a week. After a few weeks, I can see the progress.

      It was a lot harder to see progress before I had coverage, and then I gently pulled my skin forward multiple times a week to judge progress.



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        Thanks for the replies. I'm actually noticing some results already, even after just three weeks. I have about three small wrinkles right behind my scar line that I don't think I've had before, and it is noticeably easier to pull the skin over my glans when flaccid. I believe this is mostly caused by the skin becoming more elastic, so progress will likely slow down, but it still is encouraging. I've started using MM3 for the most part, pinching the scarline and pulling it forward over the glans in short repetitions, and doing this frequently every day, and I seem to be able to actually feel the tug more than with MM2. I believe this is because MM3 targets a smaller area than MM2, which tugs the whole circumference of the penis, so I'm applying the same tension over a smaller surface area.


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          You should be using MM2 for targeting outer skin. The 2 anchor points result in a way better tug. One at the scar line, one at the base. Even devices aren't that efficient. Once you've grown a decent amount of outer skin, get a device and concentrate on both. You'll need a little more than 1.25" of inner skin.


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            When I use MM3, I roll the skin inwards to increase the tension on the outer skin. Even without doing so, the inner skin gets almost no tension because there is already so much of it. There are some times when I have trouble getting erect, but when it comes easily, I focus on Mm2.


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              If you run your hands under warm water for a couple minutes the moisture helps immensely with grip for mm2. You don't have to be erect for mm2.


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                Hi, reengine. We are pretty much at the same point. I am 24 and started manual tugging at CI3 about a month ago. I know the increased elasticity you are talking about. That, an increase in wrinkles and a slight increase in skin buildup behind the corona are the signs that I have seen to know that I am making progress. Message me if you ever want to chat.


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                  I'm with you guys on the progress thing. Started at a comfortable CI2 and now I'm at a definite CI3 after 3 1/2 full months of restoring. I've been consistent with restoring, manual tugging and retaining. I, too, sometimes see progress and sometimes not so much, but overall I know there has been a change since I first started. Mostly, that I moved from canister/tape method to the DTR bell and even the TLC tugger/skin cone. LOTS of skin has backed up against the corona (which is a new development) and sometimes it tries to "peek" over. Strangely exciting. KOT!! it works, progress is inevitable.

                  Glad to see you here reenigne95. I'm from Lafayette. Keep in touch