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Do I have any frenulum left?

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  • Do I have any frenulum left?

    Hello, I just started restoring last month and have been wondering about the frenulum, just wanted to know the severity of my cut and generally if that part will be sensible at all when I achieve full restoration. Also I'm guessing my starting point is something between C-2 and C-3.

    Anyway here are the pics:

    Feedback is much appreciated, thanks a lot guys.

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    It looks like you have a frenulum nub. There are so many results from circ (most of us would call this "so many forms of damage") that it's difficult to say anything other than, the tissue from where your glans sweeps down on the underside, to your scar line, is what is left of your frenulum. If this area is sensitive in any particular way, then that's the part of the frenulum commonly left to most of us. Some of us have more, some of us less. Cover this and it will grow more sensitive.


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      Hey man - I have the same frenulum remains - there’s definitely something there, still functions somewhat. I’m a CI3 and can keep my “frenulum” covered pretty easily - it has easily became the most sensitive part of my dick. Keep tugging!