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Is restored circumcised penis inferior to intact penis?

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  • Is restored circumcised penis inferior to intact penis?

    I have a circumcised penis and i found that i could restore it. What i wanna know is that how much will i be missing out on than a regular intact penis and will it look the same?

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    D4NTE, from all that I have read on restoring, and I know Reality will correct me if I'm wrong!! Our restored foreskins will function the same as an intact man, but we will not have all of the many thousands of nerves that we would have had if we would have been left intact!! There are changes going on with my penis right now!! My glans are becoming shinier and smoother all the time!! I pretty much keep my glans covered 24/7 for 6 days!! On the 7th day I rest the skin and give 3 good lotion bathes!! Keep On Tugging!!


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      While a restored foreskin is worlds better than not having anything at all, it's not quite the same as your OEM one. You will NOT regain the 20,000+ nerve endings, the natural taper at the end or the ridged band. Those are gone forever. HOWEVER, from talking to guys who were cut as adults, like myself, it IS almost as good. About 70%-80% as good, and that is worth doing. You WILL regain the gliding action, the protection and the sensitivity of what you have left will increase dramatically. Many guys who have completed restoration have even fooled DOCTORS during physical exams! It will look real.



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        There is nothing inferior about it (although I have my own personal issues on the subject). It is the lot in life we have all been dealt and we are all in this together restoring to try and regain what was taken from us. In the end, it will be very natural, but not 100%. The look when the hood is covered will be very natural looking. Example: When I remove my retaining ring after a long day, I have a very tight tip over the end of my head that looks extremely realistic. I know this because I live in Europe (am an American), and my gf has said that I'm looking more and more uncut now.

        So, get started. It is not an easy journey, but the time you put in will have the rewards you seek in the end. Good luck! Remember, we are here for you on this forum if you need tips or advice along the way.


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          Thank you guys i much appericiate your answers. I decided that i'll go with the restoration.


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            Is a restored circumcised penis inferior to an intact one? Most would say yes. How inferior is unknown. Simply put, there's currently no way of regrowing the lost structures like the frenar band and preputial sphincter. Is a restored circumcised penis superior to an unrestored circumcised one? Most would say yes.

            In short, there is absolutely NO way to become intact if you're circumcised, but foreskin restoration will get you as close as you can possibly get to being intact, and most people who have done it say that it is a huge improvement that was well worth it. It's also hard to measure how a restored foreskin compares to an intact one. The only way one could know is to be left intact as an infant, get circumcised later in life, and then restore. parsecskin is the only user I know of who has done that.


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              Well, I'm not fully restored yet, only about 1/2 way, but the improvement is huge already. KOT!