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where to begin - could use some help

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  • where to begin - could use some help

    Hi there! New here. 33 y/o male, currently living in Baltimore.

    I've got to admit that I'm kind of overwhelmed with everything. I'm not quite sure what device/ method would be the best for me. I feel out of my comfort zone writing this, but to begin, I think I need another dude to look at some pics of my penis and recommend a strategy. I already have some extra skin, and, well, I have no idea what I'm doing. We can talk later. Anybody willing to help me out?

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    Welcome. Yes, this can be overwhelming at first, there's quite a bit to it. Especially coming to the realization of just what was taken from you. Fear not, we are all in the same boat here and here to help one another. have you checked out ? There's a wealth of information there.


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      I would recommend starting with manual tugging. Look up manual method 2, everyone can do it, start doing it today. Keep a simple regimen, 10 seconds on tension, 10 seconds off tension, repeat for 3 minutes. Do this a few times per day.

      Over the next couple days look at other manual tugging methods and you can switch to another one that you like better. Research other regimens and see what you like best.

      Over the next weeks, look into devices. See which ones fit in your budget, which ones look easiest for you to use consistently. Browse some more and read about what kind of tugging regimens work best, long tugging sessions or shorter sessions. Does using a device make it easier to follow what you think the optimal regimen would be? If so, then buy the device.

      A lot of restoration is about preference. And only you can find that for yourself. You should do the research and not trust anything that any one person says. Some people think this is best, some people think that is best, and not a whole lot of hard evidence exists to prove one way or the other.

      That's just my two cents.


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        It may help to give a general overview:

        1. We are tugging on shaft skin, and some guys also tug on old inner skin, which is the lighter tissue distal to your scar line.

        2. When we tug in cycles (a cycle means tension on, then tension off) we are expanding that skin. "Expanding" means we are stimulating our skin's internal program to begin to add to itself, a few skin cells at a time.

        3. Really, boiled down to its simplest terms, that's all we are doing. There isn't any magic or science to this. We are just tugging on the skin, then relaxing the skin we focus on, and our skin does all the rest due to that internal program which skin has naturally.

        4. So.....don't feel pressured because you think you have all the control over this process, and thereby can make mistakes. You don't have control over your skin's response, so you can't make any mistakes. There isn't anything you can do (other than tug too hard) which will be a "mistake". Just tug.

        5. What you use as a method of tugging can be as simple as your fingers, or you can use a device. Generally speaking, devices can be somewhat more convenient in some situations, although you still need to adjust tension so that you are causing cycles...

        6. An elastic strap attached to the end of your device can act as a "cycler" due to its ability to flex. You will still need to adjust the strap tension however.

        7. Everything else you read on forums is some variation of forum-talk, and as such, is almost always some mistaken idea about how this process actually works, so don't get pressured to try to live up to this nonsense. What I'm writing here will become more clear as you go along.

        8. Ask questions. This site can be a good resource when the experienced guys answer. This whole process takes years; year after year. So the only real added ingredient is endurance. You have to go on with it, to see any results, and those results will never be dramatic or pronounced at any point in time. In other words, this is a very slow process, but it's real, and it brings much more benefit than people realize.


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          Originally posted by glacierlakes View Post
          I already have some extra skin
          None of us EVER had "extra" skin.

          We just say slack skin.
          -Ron Low

          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            You indeed have a lot of skin. As Ron is saying it's not "extra" to us, it's very much usable as a great place to begin. In other words you have a pronounced skin tube. You have much more skin than the "average" member (if there is such a thing), so you can easily use fingers and/or devices. You might be one of the few legitimate 3 to 5 year guys (3 to 5 to end goal). Always good to see a more sparing result from circumcision.


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              Hi there! First of all welcome and congratulations on taking this first step! There is indeed an overwhelming amount of information on restoration in terms of methods and devices, and I would say there is no magical one size fits all solution. Different restorers prefer different methods because they feel the best for them or they fit their lifestyle best. I always recommend to try out a few methods and feel for yourself what is comfortable for you. As suggested above, manual is the cheapest method and works for anyone. Some people only use manual methods throughout their restoration, others combine it with other methods. I’d recommend you to look at some methods that would work for your current status and to ask any questions you might have about them. People in the restoration community are very open and have a lot of knowledge to share, even though they might not always agree on everything.

              I would also also recommend to take pictures for yourself every once in a while, as progress is typically slow, but often on pictures it is easier to notice changes. If later on you want to share them that’s fine, but many people don’t feel comfortable doing so, and then it’s better not to. It also took me a while to get to the point where I started to share my progress pictures, but I like to share them because they can be encouraging for other...

              good luck!
              My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

              Restarted restoring after a long break of about 12 years. Switched from multiple O-rings to the TLC-X tugger, and happy with the progress. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x