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Are we doing it all wrong???

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  • Are we doing it all wrong???

    With newly shed light on the man with the longest foreskin, (down to his knees), I ask the question:

    Why are we not using duct tape and hanging cinder blocks from our shaft skin???

    Are we doing this all wrong???

    Look at the amount of skin he generated!!!

    Is more weight/tension the answer????

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    I've seen a lot of kung fu guys who pull cars and lift heavy stones with their penises. Oddly enough, theirs are no longer than normal.


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      Originally posted by Reality
      Just to move this to where it belongs, and because it's kept this section stagnant:

      The forum is better than this kind of empty, ignorant-of-restoration-basics, just-for-chatter bullshit "topic". Please come up with something better, as in something real.
      If you have a vision for the kinds of topics we should be discussing here, why don't you start one yourself and put some quality content on the forum? I've been hanging around here 9 months and haven't seen you start a thread yet. I'm interested to know what's on your mind.

      As for the 2-foot-foreskin guy, I agree he looks like a phony. I won't believe he's legit until I see that thing fully naked. For all I know, that cloth wrap hanging from his penis may be stuffed with an old sock and his penis is really no different than normal.


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        What are the dangers of heavy weights??? Is there a limit? What is the limit??

        Anyone know someone who uses heavy weights?

        I wish to try to make more progress, but am worried about the consequences.

        Does progress decrease with too much tension? If so, when?

        I am thinking that the results might be "baggy", and stretch marks might be an issue.

        Someone talk me out of hanging paint cans with duck tape to my device...


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          The important thing when messing with high tension is to constantly remind yourself what you stand to lose if you go too far.


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            You have another thread in which you state you have gotten recurrent injuries from tugging. Since heavier weights increase the risk of injury, logic would argue against hanging paint cans from your dick with duct tape, to reduce your risk of injury.

            Rather than use the "man with the longest foreskin" as an example of us doing it wrong, I would suggest he is evidence that the method is not the important factor, and that we can all do this with a variety of methods, times under tension, amounts of tension. And, the key is to experiment to find out what works best for each of us as an individual.



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              But is there any solid information on weight limits and progress? Tension levels and effectiveness? You can tell me everyone is right, but only certain people are achieving fast results. Seems only people who can tug all day with little tension are having fast results.

              Question is, does high tension over short periods of time work as well?

              Seems like this entire operation is trial and error and has no real information available as of yet in regards to tension/weight limits and their effectiveness.


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                I agree we need to develop a tension measurement system. I've been meaning to buy one of those hanging scales to measure how much tension I use... if we could get a lot of restorers to accurately measure their usual tension it would give us a much clearer idea of what the average is. I honestly have no idea whether I use high or medium tension... I just pull it feels like a good solid stretch (tight but no pain). But I would really like to know what the average is, to see if I'm perhaps tugging too hard, or too light.

                Definitely better to err on the light side though. If you go too light you just have to wait longer. If you go too hard you damage your dick and it'll never be the same.

                Now this is pure speculation here, but what I imagine would happen with short, extreme tension is that your skin would toughen rather than lengthen. From my own personal observation, the human body's "adapt to survive" abilities are versatile... If there is constant excess tension to the skin, whether it's a tugger on your dick, or your belly getting fat, your skin will adapt by expanding to relieve the tension. If there is repetitive intense force applied to the skin, your skin will adapt by growing thicker and harder to withstand the stress. And if there is prolonged intense tension, for example the hard stretch of pregnancy, your cell replacement rate won't be able to keep up and you'll get all stretch marked and fucked up. But again, this is just me speculating based on personal observation of similar scenarios.


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                  Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
                  But is there any solid information on weight limits and progress? Tension levels and effectiveness? You can tell me everyone is right, but only certain people are achieving fast results. Seems only people who can tug all day with little tension are having fast results.

                  Question is, does high tension over short periods of time work as well?

                  Seems like this entire operation is trial and error and has no real information available as of yet in regards to tension/weight limits and their effectiveness.
                  Your questions are good ones. And, I agree, our information is mostly not very solid, more anecdotal and from self reporting. Plus no standard way to measure things, so it can sound way too squishy to get anything out of it. On the good side, this lack of solid information has not prevented men from having success, and devising new, effective methods.

                  I am not saying everyone is right. I said that a variety of methods work, and one needs to experiment to see what works best for each of us. Those are two very different things. And, I would argue that there are many who are wrong. Reality often points this out, for example.

                  Your observations suggest to you that only people who tug all day with relatively low tension are achieving fast results. I disagree, and suggest that your sampling is biased. I have found, for example, that my shortest times tugging have been just as effective as when I did longer times. I have found that lower tension levels were not effective for me. I have participated in tests of this with multiple other men, and they all found that the shorter times were as effective as longer times.

                  I will point out a critical piece of information. I try not to use the words "high" and "low" for tension. I think they are not helpful, and often cause problems in understanding. And, we can't really measure them anyway, at least in any way that allows comparison between men. Instead, I would suggest using the word "optimal", which I would define as the amount of tension that most effectively triggers skin to grow.

                  I will also highlight the word "trigger". The hypothesis we are working under, is that the cells get triggered by the application of tension. Think about how a trigger works. How long do you have to hold a trigger? Or, think about it in terms of growing plants. How long do you have to water a plant to achieve maximum growth? Is it best to water it all day long, keep pouring water on it, day after day? If not, why not? If not, then what is the best routine? What happens after you have finished watering? What do you do with the plant after watering?

                  To bring this to a close, and hopefully answer your questions in some way, I have found, over the years, that some men seem to find success with relatively low tension level, some with relatively high tension levels, some with long periods of tension, others with short periods of tension, and all methods seem to be effective for some people. But not everyone who does any of these things is successful. The ones who are successful seem to be the ones that stick to it. Those seem to be the general things we can settle on.

                  Now, while that does not sound particularly helpful, there are a few things to mention, examining some assumptions and speculating a bit. First point is that just because a person uses long time periods of tensions does not prove that long time periods work better than short time periods. Especially when you consider that we are probably triggering cells to divide. It could just as reasonably be that they are triggering their cells at very short time periods, and the long time under tension is irrelevant. No way to know for sure.

                  Same with high and low tensions. What is high for me may be low for you. thus we cannot be sure if the words we read here have much meaning in terms of telling us what we should do. It could be that those that use long time periods with low tension are, in practice, causing high tension for short moments that trigger cells, and the rest is irrelevant. No way to know for sure.

                  So, what should one do? Well, I suggest you tug. Find a method that you will keep doing, will integrate into you daily routine as easily as possible. Tug for some time period that you find easy to keep doing, whether that is 5 minutes a day, or all day. but make it something you can stick with over the long haul. Then settle in and keep on tugging. If you go a while and do not see progress, change something. I strongly recommend changing the tension first, as that has been the key variable in my experience. Don't worry about the other stuff, until you get the tension right. Not "high", not "low" but optimal for YOU to grow skin. Get the tension right, and then you will know, and not wonder who is right.

                  Once you get to the point you are making progress, settle in and keep on tugging. Sure, experiment on things if you like to tinker, maybe you can get a little faster progress, but mostly just settle in and make it a routine, like brushing your teeth. Slow and steady wins this game.

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                    Don't rip the skin off your dick, folks. You can't get another one.

                    There are dangers in what we're doing; this is why so many of us caution against using too much tension. Pulling too hard for too long can seriously damage the skin - even permanently so; I once knew a restorer who told me he had scars to prove it.


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                      Originally posted by Reality

                      1. "Pulling too hard for too long" hurts, causes significant pain first, well before damage. Even your newbie "folks" complain about that, as they should, and ask questions about it, as they have. I think I would've mentioned pain as an indicator. That would've been information "folks" can use, and it lessens the anxiety some guys feel.

                      2. Anybody who is "pulling...for too long" has missed the message about cycles. I suppose that's easy to do if you're new, and nobody mentions it. The worth of cycles was a message that Distalero brought to the old forum where he was called a "piece of shit". By you. If I remember correctly.

                      The message about cycles of tension is one I emphasize as well, thanks to Distalero. He wasn't a piece of shit. He brought so much information and clinical insight to that forum. He did it because he freakin' despised the small minds of socmed, as he should've.

                      But that aside, nobody mentions cycles. You didn't here. Why, I wonder. It was the appropriate time.

                      Wouldn't cycles be the salient point you left out? The actual, real world, instructive, "supportive", now-basic suggestion which fits so well in any sentence about "pulling too hard for too long"?
                      If you're going to hammer on the cycles thing this hard, you might give at least some vague rough estimate of what such a cycle entails. For all I know a cycle is a year on, a year off. Or a minute on and the rest of the day off. I at least know from personal experience that .5 seconds on and .5 seconds off does *not* qualify as a cycle... otherwise I'd have grown a mile-long foreskin by now, if you know what I mean.

                      So, all-knowing Reality, what are the specifications of an effective cycle of tension?

                      And a bonus question: Why do you harp on cycles so much when it is in fact physically impossible to keep tension on 24/7? I know you're going to shirk my previous question but the fact that you preach cycles even though every possible tugging device will have to come off routinely indicates that you have some idea of what the optimal cycle entails. So... tell us, unless you're not as knowledgeable as you claim to be.


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                        So aside from anecdotal information, personal experience, and "what works for me" routines - what we have to rely on is the meaningless ramblings of speculation and conjecture. Theories from those of us brave enough to strap a tugger on and hope for the best.

                        Ok, guess I'm still in. :P I really do appreciate any information, despite the lack there of.

                        I am seeing steady progress, had a near miss though last week.... Heavy weights are a definite NO GO. Edema, nerve damage, and stretch marks go hand in hand with heavy weight/tension.... I am at a healthy "optimal" limit of 18 ounces. And after experimenting with other levels, it seems the most effective... At least I hope.

                        Good luck to you as well.