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Are we doing it all wrong???

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  • Are we doing it all wrong???

    With newly shed light on the man with the longest foreskin, (down to his knees), I ask the question:

    Why are we not using duct tape and hanging cinder blocks from our shaft skin???

    Are we doing this all wrong???

    Look at the amount of skin he generated!!!

    Is more weight/tension the answer????

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    I've seen a lot of kung fu guys who pull cars and lift heavy stones with their penises. Oddly enough, theirs are no longer than normal.


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      Originally posted by Reality
      Just to move this to where it belongs, and because it's kept this section stagnant:

      The forum is better than this kind of empty, ignorant-of-restoration-basics, just-for-chatter bullshit "topic". Please come up with something better, as in something real.
      If you have a vision for the kinds of topics we should be discussing here, why don't you start one yourself and put some quality content on the forum? I've been hanging around here 9 months and haven't seen you start a thread yet. I'm interested to know what's on your mind.

      As for the 2-foot-foreskin guy, I agree he looks like a phony. I won't believe he's legit until I see that thing fully naked. For all I know, that cloth wrap hanging from his penis may be stuffed with an old sock and his penis is really no different than normal.