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  • New tugging method

    I have been using TLC-X tugging for years. It is not bad as my glans could be covered when totally flaccid, which is really small and soft. However, when my penis gets heated or a bit of lengthening, still flaccid, the foreskin does not cover at all. I noticed the skin is not long enough. But I am wondering should I change the tugging method?

    Any suggestion? I was thinking of air tugging. Good or remain the TLC-X tugging and have more space cone and long rod?

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    Supplement with manual whenever possible. It all adds up.


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      Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
      Supplement with manual whenever possible. It all adds up.
      Thank you. I just want to see besides the supplements, should I change the tugging method or stay on would be better


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        As far as one can tell form the reports on here and other forums, all methods work. Simply changing your method is unlikely to improve your progress, all else being equal. So if the TLC-X has been working for you, then keep going with it. If you want a change, try something else. Or try both. Or add manual.



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          Hi guys,
          I have an effective tugging technique for restoration. Take a bucket full of hot water (hot enough to bear the maximum heat). Sit on a small chair or table and put penis in the hot water. The skin of penis becomes highly stretchable. Tug it to the maximum length and hold it for half hour. U may use watch to see the timing. Within few days u will start getting result and will cheer. very effective, believe me. My profile photo is the proof. No need for devices.

          Regards and all the best for restoration.


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            No need to resort to hot water to relax your dartos facia. Cannabis does the same thing and the effect lasts way longer.


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              There IS a bit of factual truth to this guy's post about hot water relaxing the dartos facia and this DOES result in a more effective tugging session without the resistance of the dartos. BUT I'm going to have to call BULLSHIT on 1/2 coverage in 6 months regarless of what super duper method you are using.


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                I am leery of quick processes. I am also leery of any air method... Seems like it might make a loosened, baggy result.

                This new Dunk method sounds super tedious and time consuming. But slam dunk on discovering something new.

                Weighted methods seem to me to be the best. Tension is difficult to gauge accurately, and may pinch.

                Manual is great, but man is it a chore after a while. I gave it up except for the weekend occasional routine cheat.

                It is weird how addicting this is.... I look forward to tugging, going on 3 years of isolation, tugging alone in the bedroom at night.

                How am I still sane?