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Covering the Glans

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  • Covering the Glans

    I have come across a product called “SenSlip” the other day and was curious if anyone has seen it, tried it out, or just generally what you think of it.
    For me it looks like a very expensive modified condom, but I could be wrong. The idea being to cover the glans so that they can revert to their natural state as if they were protected by a foreskin. I know, that is one of the benefits of restoring.
    Just can’t help thinking that if you wanted to get that benefit now while going through the process of restoring, I am sure there are much cheaper and better ways of doing it. E.g. using Ron’s Your-Skin cone or something similar.

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    I saw one guy using just a plain old plastic baggie to protect his glans while he restored with the reverse-tape method. Appeared to be working well for him.


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      In my opinion SenSlip is just away to get your money!! Use a baby bottle nipple to retain, or like Reality said cross tape!! I used the nipple until I got my DTR!! I retain with it at night!! I did my research on SenSlip and to me it wasn't worth it!!


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        As someone who has experience being intact, I would NOT recommend de-keratinizing until you have enough skin to retain easily with an O-ring or 2. Once you have de-keratinized you're gonna want that thing covered 24/7. It will be very uncomfortable if your glans rubs against your clothing.


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          Hi everybody here !!!!
          No need for devices. Just effective tugging I have for easy restoration wich will cover more than half glans in less than 6 months.


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            Agree Reality!!