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Red bumps on undershaft (warning pics*

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  • Red bumps on undershaft (warning pics*

    I've had them for about a week or so I use manual restoration. Still a C 3 / 4 after 4 years of tugging.

    They itch when I tug, not sure what they are exactly. After I took a shower they don't itch, but I'm still worried.
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    I'm not a physician. Nobody here is a physician, so any guesses you get are just that, guesses. But if I was pressed to the wall, I'd say it looks like an allergic reaction, as in contact dermatitis, or another of the allergic reactions, or, it could be folliculitis. I don't think it's from tugging directly, though, but that's another guess. Only you will know if this fits in the scenario of your routine. What you might want to do is wash your hands (always wash your hands before you do anything), and your penis, before you tug. See what happens. But if it gets worse, you need to see a physician.