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Started restoring again and wondering if comfrey root can aid?

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  • Started restoring again and wondering if comfrey root can aid?

    Ive decided to start tugging again after a year off. I got discouraged after years of not much progress. Ive been around long to enough to know that topicals are not going to aid in restoration but Ive recently been looking into comfrey root oil for back pain (it seems to help me somewhat so far!) and have found it was traditionally used to heal fractures and bones and has the common name of knit bone. Whilst looking into this I saw 'allantoin' (which is in comfrey) is able to accelerate cellular 'mitosis...

    Which is exactly what we want. I`d love some opinions from the more scientific minded individuals here? Is this only if ingested or?

    I know about the possible toxicity but that was based on giving mice huge amounts so not too worried about topical use.

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    It ain't gonna help. And if you've read somewhere that this substance accelerates "cellular mitosis", the we'd appreciate a link, because that isn't true for humans.


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      Theres plenty of websites that say it if you give it a google but I havent found a study or anything which is why I thought I`d ask here prior to wasting $ applying it.

      For example. Here it includes stimulating the cell mitosis:

      cut and pasted from there:

      Allantoin, 5-ureide-hydantoin, has been widely cited in literature as holder of numerous pharmacological activities, among them: wound healing, anti-irritating, hydrating and remover of necrotic tissue, stimulating the cell mitosis; as well as promoter of epithelial stimulation, analgesic action and keratolytic activity,” observe researchers Lorena Ulhôa Araújo and colleagues in a recent article. “For all these reports, allantoin has been used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations for over 70 years with different therapeutic purposes and especially as a wound healing booster.”6

      The results of research reported by Araújo ( and her associates suggests that the wound healing mechanisms induced by allantoin include regulation of the inflammatory response and stimulation of fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matrix synthesis.6 In addition to lowering inflammation, research has shown an ability for allantoin to relievepain that involves the opioid receptor.7

      Certainly sounds interesting but Im really not sure if thats relevant at all though? Probably not?


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        You say you want comments. I gave you one.

        Look: it isn't for oral ingestion. It can be toxic. For humans: only on the skin, and only then, when it's refined. You've already acknowledged you know topical substances don't affect skin expansion. While this is virtually true, for us this is totally true.

        But that aside, you have to read any study done on cellular physiology with a background that allows you to see that information in perspective. You knew that, that's why you're asking for "scientific minded individuals".

        (And just to put some specificity to it; You don't want fibroblasts. Do you know what they are? Look it up. By taking the time to look things up, you will begin to answer your questions.

        What you want are keratinocytes, and a whole cascade of biochemicals, and all the controls, local and peripheral. Don't know what they are? Look it up. It gets chewy fast.

        "Wound healing" (just to head this old idea off) has nothing to do with skin expansion.

        Extracellular matrix synthesis: know what that is? If you don't, look it up).

        You can't just read something on the internet and then make a big jump to what you want to be true. Wanting isn't enough. Pieces of information aren't enough, especially when some study uses the word "suggests". Science doesn't rely on suggestion, they confirm. To Science, "suggests" is the same thing as "Hell, I dunno".

        So don't jump, find out what is true, and then put the pieces into place. This is essentially the problem involved here. You are trying to take pieces of information and wedge them into the practice of tugging. I'm sure you realize this. But this fails. You can't break into a natural process, the epidermal response to over-stretching, with some substance, oral or topical, and expect magic. That idea comes from advertising BS. "Buy this, and you will get....!". They lie, and they hope you go for it, so you'll buy their stuff. Shinier hair, whiter teeth. But faster mitotic activity, only located on your penis, in an easy to use tube? Sorry.

        And think about it: do you have any personal control over cellular proliferation? You gonna stand there and somehow make magic happen in a controlled way,
        'cause you direct it all, just like Nature, or god? Well, you don't have control; you don't have any control, and even if you did, you'd better keep both eyes open, and a baseball bat handy, 'cause you'd get tumors, almost immediately. Not "skin", but tumors. Big lumpy globs of who-knows-what. Could be another sci-fi movie.

        See? I am a scientifically minded individual. I know that human physiology, that whole thing called "me", or "you", is a "sealed-in" process composed of thousands and thousands of smaller processes, which all have to balance (it's called homeostasis), or you pay a price, and it's always a big price. And that's only if you get any response at all.

        But if what you want, is stronger than what you know.............


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          Originally posted by Reality View Post

          You can't just read something on the internet and then make a big jump to what you want to be true. Wanting isn't enough.
          Yep. I wanted it to be true. Thanks for your input. I`ll save it for the backaches