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Some of my outer foreskin turning grey while restoring

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  • Some of my outer foreskin turning grey while restoring

    I'm not sure what to make of this, a bit of skin, behind the scar line, seems to have turned a greyish color and it's also a bit sore. I tug using manual methods and always retain with a your skin cone and a pusher to help seal in any moisture. I hope that it is not dead skin or something from sleeping on it wrong. Is it possible it could be dekeratinization? There also seems to be some redness and soreness around the area just behind the scar line

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    Looks like either callous from tugging or "prune factor". Like when you soak you feet in water for too long. This most likely is where the cone contacts your outer skin. Outer skin does NOT dekeritinize because it does not keratinize. Only MUCOSA does. Take a break from tugging and retaining for a few days and see if it goes away.


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      Have you seen something like this before?


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        Originally posted by Reality
        See a doctor is this gets worse.

        To me it looks like a minor local fungal infection. I'd get some OTC athletes foot cream and keep it dry for a few days. Should clear up, if it does with the cream it's nothing to worry about. But no matter where on your body your skin it it needs air from time to time. This is why morbidly obese people get problems in folds of skin. I can see why you want to cover up but a but of exposure from time to time is what the skin needs.

        Looks like you're making good progress anyway


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          Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
          Outer skin does NOT dekeritinize because it does not keratinize. Only MUCOSA does.
          In an intact penis, the buildup of dead tissue on the mucosa is thinner, as it gets exfoliated better when covered up and not dried out. The difference is more noticeable than with regular skin, so that's why it seems keratinization is more of an issue with mucosa.


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            Is the desquamation rate not different between a covered glans and an uncovered one? What I mean is, if nothing's there to rub off the dead tissue, wouldn't it accumulate just like the skin on the sole of your foot? Other restorers have described tissue flaking or peeling off their glans after maintaining coverage for a while. I haven't experienced that, but just this morning in the shower I found myself rubbing some dead skin off my forearms. They feel smoother now.


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              So what is the difference between keratinization of.outer skin and callous?