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Do i have a frenulum(Photo)

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  • Do i have a frenulum(Photo)

    I have been surgically circumcised when I was an infant so don't remember a thing.I do have the frenulum sensitivity on the spot but I can't be sure that it's undamaged and sensitivity is maximum as it should. I took a HD photo of my penis for you to decide.
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    You've got more of one than I do.


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      Everyone who is circumcised no longer has a frenulum. What you have appears to be a frenulum remnant.


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        Originally posted by deja_ale View Post
        Everyone who is circumcised no longer has a frenulum. What you have appears to be a frenulum remnant.
        I see . But how do you think it is? Is it damaged too much or remained well compared to other cut penises.It's so bad to never gonna be able to know how a natural uncircumsised penis.


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          Looks like it. I had mine removed by masturbating too much in one day. I have absolutely zero frenulum, not even a line.


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            Originally posted by Reality

            Damaged "too much" to do what? What do you think a frenulum does?

            Why are you trying to compare your penis to another circumcised penis? Circumcision takes away an amount of several tissues. Some guy might have more, or less, of those tissues. So what? How will that fact help you? You want to feel superior to some guy who has less, or inferior to the guy who has more?

            You are who you are. With tugging you can add something to that. But don't compare yourself to some other guy. That's fucked up thinking.
            Really Reality, how about less with the personal insults & your strange emotional extrapolations / interpretations of a posters intentions - please!
            -How about starting some good posts instead of ripping into everyone might be an idea as it exposes your issues as well.

            It is never to late to be a positive influence on this board :-) and not attempt to run people off the board asking fair questions about there current state.
            ssshh.. The guy just wants to know what scale of damage he has compared with others - like most have done, as usual your miles do vary.

            Someone had to say it - so there.

            await 2 page detail triad from you with lots of emotional analysis LOL (Not)
            Lets see if you can change your ways for the better.


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              Godear - the length of frenulum which was attached to your inner mucosal skin before circumcision has gone - that is between the frenar band and the circumcision scar.

              Some circumcisions also attempt to cut off the remaining frenulum (between the scar and the meatus) as an additional cutting. You appreciate that the area is bloody by then , it is small, the "doctor" may have poor vision or be inexperienced, you are writhing and crying in agony, and a line of the remaining frenulum may be left.

              I had something of the frenulum left which looks a bit like yours. There is a natural variation anyway.

              For what it's worth, my most sensitive part was under the skin just there and close-by the urethra at about 1cm on body side of the meatus. After restoration, the whole region under my restored foreskin is very sensitive.


              Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer


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                Originally posted by Reality
                Only one of us (me) addressed the first concern (ie, comparison)
                I beg to differ. Literally everyone here (except you) shared what ours are like in comparison to his, or else explained to him what is lost in circumcision. That's what the guy wanted to know... where he stands on the frenulum spectrum. Nothing wrong with that, regardless of what condescending bullshit you fling at him.


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                  I'm not gonna read that long-ass stream of keyboard diarrhea and just assume it says "ur stupid and wrong".
                  OP asked if his frenulum "has remained well compared to other cut penises". True that's not worded very well but it's pretty easy to understand what he's asking. I don't know where you're coming up with all this nonsense you've been ranting about.


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                    I see only two questions... "Do I have a frenulum?" and "How does mine compare to others?"

                    1. Your frenulum is pretty much gone, but you have a little remnant left.
                    2. If you want to compare, just have to search up some circumcised dick picks and check 'em out. You've got more of a remnant than I do, if that helps.


                    Now if you want better, quit running all the newcomers out with your overbearing criticism and start drawing them in so they can learn all this shit and become experts who can help spread restoration and fight circumcision.


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                      Originally posted by Reality
                      You first.
                      I don't know if you've noticed, but Godear, like every other newbie you've met with relentless criticism, is long gone. So now, I have a challenge for you. Search my name on the forum. Go though all my posts and find ONE single post where I've jumped down a newcomer's throat with criticism for their ignorance. If you can find even one sample of me getting up a newbie's ass and link to it here, I'll leave the forum forever. Now's your chance to get rid of me, so don't be lazy.

                      Aside from that Foregen shill who showed up at one point, you're the only guy here who's face I get in, because you're the only guy here who gets in anyone else's face. Everyone else on the forum is respectful. I'm mean... I only respect people who return the favor. If you cop an attitude with me, then it's tit for tat. That's why you alone get the honor of taking shit from old Krag... nobody else here has given me a reason to unload on them.

                      But yeah, I stand by my challenge. Find one single example of me criticizing the hell out of a new member of the forum, and I'll get out of here and let you run the place KragDragon-free. Otherwise, you can take that "you first" garbage and ram it up your ass.


                      And for good measure, it's worth noting that your first overly critical reply to Godear got deleted. If that doesn't give you a hint, then you've got your head in the sand.


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                        Thanks Krag Dragon for responding,
                        I've been away so missed responses.
                        My guess we all need professional help some times from underling conditions in our lives along with ability to take constructive criticism.

                        Unfortunately Reality doesn't understand or respond well to this, some people are like this and it is extremely unfortunate for both themselves & forum newbies with valid concerns and questions which we should be encouraging.
                        It achieves nothing running them out of the forum with verbal pitchforks blazing by extrapolating to uncharted heights what they have said.
                        So Reality why do you do that?
                        Can you change your ways to play more nicely with new forum members in future?


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                          Oh an Frenum remnants - What I have it is still the most sensitive bit.
                          So for those that think it is completely removed in every case of circ. is utter bull.


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                            1. How do you know that I ran them (now it's them, not the OP) "out of the forum"? Have examples?

                            2. Why do I do that? I don't do that. The real question (you're apparently having difficulty forming your questions) is why have I used non social media language, and that should be obvious. If it isn't, you're never gonna understand. Here's a hint: I stand in direct opposition to that whole mindset. Social media lies, misinforms, and grandstands with hyperbole when it isn't attacking with name calling. Fuck that.

                            3. No "nice", not the way you mean it. I don't go by your standards, I go by mine. Just informative and actually supportive with information, unless the OP is some obvious bullshit artist. My record stands; daring to ask questions, which of course is the biggest offense to socmed soy boys; answering questions; and comparing what science knows, against ignorance. I will always ask any OP questions when it's necessary. It is frequently necessary. This is the basis of communication. I will never nod my head in apparent agreement with the usual misunderstanding, misinformation.

                            4. Now........who are you to be asking these questions? Assume, much.[/QUOTE

                            Another Reality Check rant I'm not bothering to respond to this dribble as buddy you can't see the wood for the trees.

                            I really wonders what exactly is Reality agenda / motivation on this forum ?
                            as a quick check shows over 900 posts basically nearly 1.5 per day and in all that time only 3 started posts - enough said.

                            Most people here are to:
                            A) Learn/Share/Show ask information about foreskin restoration / methods / issues and encourage newbies - rewards as one ages are definitely there.
                            B) Help promote awareness to stamp out infant & child genital surgery and help adults understand the negative consequences of such surgery choices.
                            C) Other.

                            I'm for A& B,
                            Reality I class you in the "Other" with your replies to people that you find normal but are in fact some sort of self ego stroking indulgent fetish at the expense of genuinely answering peoples questions like your reply to the starter of this thread and others where you have then gone back and deleted your reply.
                            I can see that you can't change your ways when people call you out.

                            Lucky I have thick alligator skin so insult me all you like it as it shows much more of your personal issues to all that visit.

                            But other posters may be in a fragile state so do attempt to lift your game as your standards and what drives you just totally suck at times.


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                              Originally posted by Reality

                              I didn't expect any other reply. No discussion, no addressing the content. That's what social media boys do. That, and trying to spread a buddy's poison, while falsely characterizing Reality posts by using "numbers", rather than content. Weak.

                              And you? What have you really done in regard to your "As, Bs, and Cs"? I've done all of my posts with detailed, scientifically based information and studies, not to mention an insider's perspective on virtually anything clinical. And you?

                              It's there to see, for the few members who can work up enough interest in this thread. I've lost mine. Dude, the rest of us are out here on the forum, where we can see what's real, not up in your head war.

                              And I should say, I didn't delete any of my posts, the admin did. You will always be free to do what you do, ie whine and complain and twist. I will always ask questions to clarify a discussion. That's just the way it is.
                              Oh thank you so much, so your post was bad enough that the admin had to delete it.
                              Appreciate you being honest on this & your posts Reality in this thread have been most revealing about yourself, well done for sharing that.

                              Now print it out and visit your local psychologist association, so they can discuss your issues next time they have a week long convention. :-)

                              While waiting for this, on your planet - I strongly suggest you purchase a mirror and look into as to why you have an inability to recognise that your responses to new forum members have been inappropriate.

                              So have a Nice Day & please seek the help you desperately need, you are so well onto step two (recognising the real issue) to one day apologies to them as the final step.