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Manual Tugging Safety

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  • Manual Tugging Safety

    Hi guys

    I just want to check that manual tugging is generally safe. As mentioned I can't really isolate the foreskin so I'm often pulling the penis forwards too. Im not tugging until I feel pain just a minor burning sensation and a small amount of irritation. Is this method safe?

    Thanks for helping me.

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    Yes, and that slight burn is exactly what you are looking for. Tug on!


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      I get what you're referring to, having trouble isolating the skin from the meat underneath. I had a hard time with that at first... would find myself squeezing the life out of my dick trying to get a grip on it.

      The secret is freshly washed hands and moisture. Gotta have clean hands with a tiny bit of moisture and they'll have amazing traction on the skin. If they're bone dry they slide, if they're too wet they slide worse. Just right, and you can get strong tension with hardly any pressure.