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  • Sensitivity

    I’ve been retaining for a week now (I know, big milestone huh? lol) and I think I’m feeling more sensitivity, but it could also be because I haven’t masturbated in a week (I’m usually a once/twice a day guy). Can anyone describe what the sensitivity should feel like? I’m sure it’s different for everyone but any examples would be helpful. Also, and again I know it’s different for everyone, how long on average does it take for deketonizitin (sure I spelled that wrong) to start? I’ve been using a tiny bit of vitamin e on my glans, being careful not to get any on my shaft skin because it makes retaining impossible. Thanks!

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    Thanks Reality! I appreciate the candor!


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      Hello Jlgusta81. I have completed my restoration over a 14 year period. I documented my progress with pictures and notes almost from day 1. I started in my late 50s and am 72 years old now and still tugging! I would like to direct you to my blog where you can see all the good changes you are anticipating and the time-scale it took for me to achieve my goal. I posted these pages in the hope they would answer questions from people such as yourself, just starting out. You can find it here and if you start at "2" you will get the story in chronological order. Best wishes. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...-s-restoration


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        The reason why you feel that "sensitivity" is because it may start to feel different but believe me it's still nothing compared to the natural thing , now that my skin has become thinker it feels a bit better during masturbation some kind of sensitivity yeah ,but it doesn't occur a week after the process of restoring, anyways not for me ,in a few weeks you'll start to feel a bit of a more prominent difference ,good luck.


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          Thanks for the perspective!


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            Originally posted by Reality
            Ok. Let's see if you can accept something other than the usual forum chatter (I say this because I've gotten some surprisingly negative responses from guys who thought they already knew the answer):

            While each individual's case can be a bit different, I'll try to answer in general:

            1. Your glans dekeratinization, and much more importantly, your inner mucosa's dekeratinization happens more slowly than forum chatters would have you believe. How long? There isn't a standard answer. It's not the same for everybody. For me, it happened slowly; this is apparently true for others here who I trust. Here's why: Yes, I saw some flakes, but the color change, and the obvious moisture change, took longer. ...

            See, that's the problem with forum chatter. It isn't based on the actual signs that you will see. Unfortunately, in forum chatter "keratinization" is presented as this one event which happens pretty much "now", and it's never described truthfully. You won't be dekeratinized until you see a color change, and some moisture on the surface of your glans. That's dekeratinization. Noticeable flakes have very little to do with it. But you wouldn't know that if you read and believe forum chatter.

            2. Sensitivity: good question; complicated question. "Sensitivity" doesn't just "happen" either. It takes longer than you think. It grows in strength slowly; it, too, is a gradual process. The prevailing theory why this is true, is that your brain has to learn to reinterpret the signal from your penile nerves. Sensation is never just a local event. This happens to be the truth of nerves, your central nervous system, and your brain.

            So don't hold your breath. All of this, all of restoration, takes time, more time than the chatters know about, so they BS to have something to chatter about. Don't become disappointed when actual dekeratinization and increased sensation aren't "there" right away. Take your time, relax, there isn't a schedule that your body keeps. Just keep tugging and eventually you will see what you want, and you will feel more than you thought possible.

            That’s gotta be the best post I’ve ever read from you... and it’s VERY encouraging! Thank you, Reality!


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              I will also add that while right now you are not surprisingly focused on sensitivity, that is not the real prize for me and many others. The real prize is mobile skin. the mobile skin creates sensations that are far more important than sensitivity to pleasure, not to mention function as well. After I got enough skin, I started having whole body orgasms, amazingly better than what I had before.

              Most of my dekeratinization happened invisibly. I had only a couple episodes that could be seen as peeling skin. And, reports form those who have fully restored have consistently reported that full dekeratinization doesn't happen until you have enough skin to stay covered all the time while flaccid. So you may be dekeratinizing as long as you are restoring.



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                One thing I have noticed since I've grown a bunch of skin is that while I'm actively restoring the sensitivity IS slightly better. Not world shattering, but it is very noticeable when I stop restoring for longer than a week or more. I've also got some dekertinized areas in the sulcus area where my inner skin is in full contact all the time.