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    So I'm new to the "foreskin restoration" topic (I just discovered it today) and already started doing manual 2. So, by being a total newbie, I have questions for the experienced members.

    I know it takes a really long time for the foreskin to fully restore, but what is the average time for considerable results? I'm about CI2 (I think that's how you call it) and a grower. Does my age benefit the speed of the process? Before you ask, I'm a teen.

    How much should I do it a day? By now I'm mostly doing the manual 2 method for about 2-4 minutes every few hours and I also do it on the shower for most of my time there. By those settings, should I see considerable progress at adulthood?

    Those are basically my questions. Thanks for your time.

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    1. There is no known average time. For each guy it takes however long it takes. Each guy starts at a slightly different, to significantly different, place. Some start with more skin in general, and we all have different amounts of the two types of tissues.

    2. Age: I've read a study that suggests that younger guys can grow skin cells at a faster rate. But here's the thing: this was a comparison between early adults, and middle aged adults. So what can we learn from this? Age is a possible factor, but it doesn't mean that there's a guarantee of a big difference for any individual. It goes slowly. It takes years, a bunch of years; not the "2 years" you see on forums, but longer.

    3. The first sign of progress will be tiny wrinkles in your shaft skin. By "tiny" I mean very small. Over time, you will see more of those wrinkles. Over much more time, you will see some of those wrinkles sort of merge into somewhat larger wrinkles. This process continues on until you can see fat wrinkles around the circumference of your shaft. Those fatter wrinkles are what becomes looser skin. As you can see by this description, you won't be looking at enough loose skin to roll into a tube shape for a long, long time.

    4. Will you see considerable progress at adulthood? I would say yes, if you continue with tugging. Your schedule sounds pretty good, maybe on the eager side for a teen. Leave yourself some time to live you life as well.

    5. If you do your tugging in sets, with a few sets per day, then that allows you some downtime. Downtime, "resting", is important.

    6. So: tug in cycles. A cycle is tension on, then release. Do this for a small number of cycles. This would be one set. You can do several sets per sitting, then allow some downtime. You can do another set or two later in the day, or at night, or wait until the next day. Starting out slowly is the smart thing to do.

    7. When you apply tension, don't use too much. Just stretch your skin out until you feel a small "burn", hold for just a bit, and then release. Remember, what you are actually doing is stimulating your skin to carry out an internal program that your skin has, as a response to "irritating" tension. So you don't need much irritating to get the whole thing working.


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      I started tugging with the dtr device over a month ago,by the end of July I don't tug manually , first I saw no change at all, I've known this thing takes years and years but I felt very frustrated of seeing no change at all after 2/3 weeks ,but now I can definitely say that since I've started things started to move a little bit and I can finally feel the skin getting more loose and easy to tug, also the wrinkles keep growing and my dick has gotten thicker so after a month I felt much better it's still a slow process and each month if you will be consistent, you'll see small changes until a year passes by and you see all the progress you accomplished , good luck .I recommended getting a tugger for easier process .


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        As you understand already, this is a long process, so settle in for the long haul. The amount of time you describe sounds reasonable for good progress, the two keys are to 1) get the amount of tension optimized for you to grow skin, and 2) find a regimen that you will stick with over the long haul.

        Likely you will need to try it for a while and then judge progress, then make some adjustments as needed.



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          way to go shawnty. proud of you for starting to tug so young. I learned about tugging when I was 15 or 16, but i waited till i was 18 to buy my first device. its been an off and on journey for me, but i'm at it. Most folks say it takes anywhere from 1-5 years, but usually 2. If you're consistent, it'll get there. and I agree with everyone else, a device will help you along with progress a bit easier and maybe faster. At your age, PE stuff is a good habit to get into as well. if your a penis health nut like the rest of us. but its your world. HMU if you ever need support, need to chat, or have more questions. peace man.