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Appearance of Skin Tube (Inflated)

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  • Appearance of Skin Tube (Inflated)

    Hi all, is this how the skin tube balloon is supposed to look when inflated? (Pictures attached, while using DTR retainer and wrap for direct air.)

    I have seen very little of other guys' methods to compare to, so I've been wondering if the ballooned skin should be getting so "hyuuge" in diameter.

    What you see (ALL the skin, including the hairy skin that's been pulled up) is ballooned to almost maximum tautness, and the wrap is just around the bell to keep it from lifting off.
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    The skin does expand, after all inflating it makes it balloon out. From what I can tell form the photos, it looks typical. If you are concerned about the width-wise expansion, you can either wrap a sleeve or something to restrict it in that direction, or use balloons like these that do not expand very wide:



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      Yes it looks very normal to me as I will also inflate sometimes with my DTR!!


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        Ah, physics, the limited view (and while I can't slash an old myth through its carotid aa, a chance to poke it in the eye):

        1. Inflating the skin tube is the basis of an air method. Creating a ballooned skin tube is what you are trying to do. Anything which gets in the way of this is what you aren't trying to do. Therefore you would expect to see a "wide", ballooned skin tube. How wide/ballooned? As wide/ballooned as possible without causing outright pain (or method failure).

        2. The "wide"/balloon you see is stretched skin. Air pressure stretched this skin. This stretch is the equivalent of a tug "forward", or a wrap using the RT method. So.........

        3. I question placing a sleeve on the ballooned skin. Why would you do this? This would be a constraint; it would be blocking that stretch, or in other words, causing the equivalent of a very mild tug, with very mild tension, which would cause a very mild stretch. This would seem to be counter productive, ie basically just standing there in place rather than actually placing better tension on your skin. The balloonier you see (without pain), the better.

        4. Placing a sleeve on your ballooned skin can only come from a concern over an issue that doesn't actually exist. What do I mean by "it doesn't exist"? I mean, this is an old forum myth; a myth based on repeated BS. The reasons why it's a myth seems to escape the understanding of most members on this forum (and other forums), so I hesitate to explain. Why? Because it's a waste of my time, and .... because it isn't understood it will just be ignored, and censored if I put too much detail to it. If you can see in 3D then you already know why it's a myth.

        So......try to relax about the old, old, old, myth that you can "stretch" "wide" and have a resulting "loose sock" skin tube. That is a myth, bullshit, a lie, and it's nonsense if you have any ability to look at things in 3D.

        If you use an air method, then a balloon, a "wide" skin tube, is exactly what you want to see. The balloonier the better. Use this "balloonier" as your standard.

        Just relax. Tug. Be safe. Endure. Enjoy.
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          I like the idea of choosing a spot today which will become your Future Flaccid Roll-over Point. Then target only that spot for any constraining.

          See the attached FFRP spreadsheet, and let me know if you have questions about how to fill in the measurements and estimates. Once you know your FFRP, wear your tugging device or constraining sleeve so the chosen FFRP is always held at the skinny part of the device/setup while tugging, to limit girth-wise growth there.
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            Thanks all for the info and input! And I will have to study that FFRP spreadsheet to get a better gist of it, though I’m not concerned at this point about girthwise growth/wide foreskin.

            How effectively does the ballooned skin tension outer skin?
            This has been something I’ve been wondering for a while (since apparently a lot of hair-bearing outer skin is being pulled up taut).


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              Based on my experience, it tensions the outer and inner effectively for growing skin. I can see the outer stretched taught. As far as I can tell, both are growing.