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Would restoration prevent/lessen Peyronie's?

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  • Would restoration prevent/lessen Peyronie's?

    Partner of a (tightly) circumcised man, whose father (also cut) suffers from Peyronie's. After hearing of his dad's troubles with ED and Peyronie's, my partner is curious whether restoration might help prevent Peyronies, or at least lessen the degree that he himself is likely to experience it in future. Thoughts?

    (And no I don't believe anecdotes about restoration causing Peyronie's.)

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    First, let me make sure we are on the same page:

    Men have reported that restoring has "loosened" their skin. Also reported is that the skin slides more freely after starting restoration. Both suggest that there is some possibility that restoring could reduce or eliminate the plaques that form, but if mobilizing the skin was all that was needed, one would think that would be a treatment option offered, but it is not, suggesting restoring would not help.

    If it were me, I would consult with my urologist and see what they say about the idea. They probably will be clueless about restoration, but they may well have thoughts about doing things to loosen and mobilize the skin with regards to Peyronie's disease.


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      One way to supply the tension to a restoring device is with a traction rig (aka Penis Extender).

      With a traction rig one can add a strap to pull sideways to directly counter a bend in the shaft. See
      Click image for larger version

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