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  • Increased tension

    Something I'm noticing: as the day goes on, I find I am increasing the tension little by little on my DTR. By the end of a long day of tugging--sometimes 10 or 12 hours--the pusher will be pretty much all the way in, and I'll actually have some partial coverage. Then, when i wake up the next morning, it's as if I have to start over with minimal tension and work my way up throughout the day. High tension doesn't hurt or get uncomfortable, but if it's too high, my tugger will begin to slip, and that's when it gets uncomfortable. I retain at night when I sleep with a cone that I made myself. Anyway, does anyone else experience this? Is it normal? Anyway to save that high tension I get later in the day?

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    Sounds pretty normal to me. What you are experiencing is the skin stretching out during the day and going back to its relaxed state at night. As long as it doesn't hurt you're good. Long periods of tugging are NOT the most efficient at growing skin. You should try doing it in shorter time periods, say a couple hours at a time with an hour rest in between. CYCLES are the most efficient way to grow skin. And make sure your skin and tugger are squeaky clean upon application so it doesn't slip.