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Which method for inner skin?

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  • Which method for inner skin?

    I have been restoring since 2014. I have seen great gains. I am getting some skin folding when erect, none on the glans. It seems, however, that my inner skin is not progressing.

    I'm not as keen on manual methods. I do however, have the following devices.... (yes, I'm quite invested)

    Tungsten 1.5" sphere
    DTR with air
    TLC-X with hangers
    LOTS of washers - about 34oz worth.

    My current method is to use the TLC-X with all the hangers for about 15 - 20 min each morning. If there is time before work, I will use the DTR with a rod pushed in with as much tension as the double grippers can withstand. I then use the DTR or Hangers as much as I am able each evening as well.

    At times I use the tungsten sphere, the sphere can be worn nearly indefinitely unless I need to urinate, I tend to go months without using the sphere.

    There are times when I will use the DTR air, however, I never feel that I get a great enough tension. I NEVER use my Hyperestore, I don't think it works. I can't get near the tension as I do with the DTR. I also don't use the TLC-X air, I found it to slip off more quickly than the DTR.

    I also have menstrual cups that I have used for retaining. It works great, but I'm not consistent. Same with O-Rings, but the cups work better.

    I have a bathmate, I think that causes some expansion and increased blood flow. Difficult to tell if that is helping the restoration process.

    Any suggestions as to how to increase inner skin? Or should I just be more patient and keep doing what I've been doing?

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    Can you explain how you're using the tungsten sphere? It sounds interesting.


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      Best inner skin (mucosal) gains I have experienced have been via my inflation method. It is actually made from a heavy Bb flat tuba mouthpiece, so I have some weighted tension as well as inflation working in tandem.