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A general thanks and progress over 9 months

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  • A general thanks and progress over 9 months

    So. Been at tugging for about 9 months. Been on this forum regularly, rarely do I contribute because I feel I have minimal knowledge to offer. I posted some stupid shit early on out of newbie enthusiasm, however focus on my task prevails, focus and persistence are key. I started on the TLC-X for the first 4 months or so for perhaps 5 hours minimum...then decided to scrap the device all together. Manual tugging is all I do now, and have seen great results. Great to me, is not having scrotum skin drug up my shaft when erect. It is actually where it belongs, never before have I seen that. Absolutely no roll over or crazy amount of wrinkles, just noticible results to me. Shaft skin glides nicely and covers the glans if pushed up against it's will, without dragging my pelvic skin up with it. Small results that make me know I am getting somewhere, although slowly.


    I appreciate the real wisdom that is offered on here, and the advice. Perhaps someday I will be able to offer up some advice of my own. Until then, thanks to you guys that have stuck around here to help although you may already be done.

    KOT Jason

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    I am glad you have found the site helpful. I am sure I speak for all in saying I appreciate the kind words and positive feedback. Knowing I can help others through this process keeps me here.

    Your insight and observations are very much in line with my experience and I am glad you shared them. Many will be helped as well from reading your experience, so thanks for posting them.