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I Had Worst Tugging Related Injury Ever Recorded

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  • I Had Worst Tugging Related Injury Ever Recorded

    To start off, I will admit that I was a very aggressive restorer. Balance and moderation are almost foreign concepts to me. As most of us know, overdoing the tension can be counter productive. I learned that the hard way. So, in April of 2017 when I was restoring, I went too hard and got sore on my left side. Soreness usually fades in like, 2 days, but mine lasted a lot longer. I waited a few weeks and it was still very sore. I decided I had to continue restoring no matter what and I couldn't wait forever to heal. This caused a very serious tugging injury that lasted for about 16-17 months, interrupting my foreskin restoration for the longest time. My problem was invisible to the naked eye, so it was a tear in the internal layers.

    I waited for a few months hoping for it to get better, and it didn't. I waited another few months and it still didn't. I became a biological anomaly that somehow could not regenerate. My injury, for the longest time, was like frozen in time. Just imagine your cells just straight up refusing to heal. For a long time, the left side of my skin tube literally acted more like dead tissue than living tissue. I post this because I am sure there must be other cases, albeit not as severe as mine. I am almost certain that I am the worst case to ever exist.

    I have had wounds before that have taken well over a month or 2 to heal, but nothing like this. This was an injury of epic proportions. One part of my body just never healed while every other part of me was fine. It did not even make sense on a scientific level. I even saw a urologist who was absolutely no use. I also am interested in wounds that are seemingly frozen in time, as it seems to not be researched extensively. I also want to know if tugging injuries can be permanent.

    Let me be a precautionary tale of how severe tugging injuries can get. Moderation is and rest is just as important as tugging itself.
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