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    I've been using a tugger during the evening and night for about 5 hours at a time. I immediately switched from taped canisters when I could comfortably wear a tugger for longer than a few hours. The only problem is, my retainer cone doesn't stay on when I'm not actively tugging. It falls off as soon as my jeans push against it. So in order to get real hours of tugging going again, I'm choosing to use canisters again until I have more significant slack. I experimented today with wearing the tape and canister without the strap for a gym session. I had not done this before. I was concerned about people seeing the bulge through my shorts or sweats and thinking I had a hard on or something. Also, I was obviously concerned with a potential injury. I took of the strap when I parked and went in. I did squats first. The canister would drop down with my penis because I squat low. When I would come back up it would get stuck and stick out sometimes under my underwear. It was easily visible under my shorts at those times but I was able to adjust it. I also did deadlifts and the same thing happened. As far as feeling any discomfort, there was none. I could see a potential injury if I bumped into something pretty hard, or a slight possibility of pinching if my penis got into a strange position and somehow the canister got pushed back toward my body. Nothing like this happened though. So, I decided it was a successful experiment. My gym clothes are baggy enough by the way. I don't think baggier would conceal anymore. Has anyone else gone through this? What was your experience? Thank you.... And best wishes
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    Here is the answer to your problem. A rubber grommet. It works so well that I don't ever use a safety lanyard and it never falls off. Get one at the hardware store.


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      Thank you parsecskin... I'll pick a few of those up tomorrow.