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    Blast from the Past

    In 2012 a member wrote:
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    My regular doctor was not available, so I saw a new doctor a few days ago. She did a complete physical, including checking my prostate and testicles. While leaving, she ask that I provide a urine sample. As she handed me the sample container, she told me to make sure that I pulled back my foreskin and clean with a wipe and to pee a little first before giving the sample.

    I didn't feel like explaining the whole foreskin restoration thing, so I just let her think I was intact.
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    I explained my dislike of my circumcision with my regular doctor here - and in strong terms. He was not interested to see the restoration result.

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      Similar visit this summer for my PE, when the Dr said roll my skin all the way back for exam, even tho not much he noticed then asked "are you not circumcised?" I said yes but I think the Dr did a poor job and left it at that. Waiting for my next visit in June 2016 !


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        Our primary care physician is a member of the Stanford Family Practice. She is very interested in learning new health ideas. I told her that I was restoring my foreskin at an appointment of my son, whom she was concerned had phimosis @ age 10. I have disabused her of that notion. I had a physical in May and I brought my TLC-X with me. I showed it engaged on me. She was impressed with my progress and said that she often gets asked what can be done to restore foreskin. She took photos of me with the device on such that she can share with other patients.
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          Hi, iv yet to start restoration but had a experience that i thought may fit here, in some way. I went to my urologist and when he examined me he actually pulled back my foreskin. I'm starting off as a Ci-3 and have some shaft wrinkles while soft, so i guess it would make sense that he would wanna check. He never did that any other time I'd been to him. Sorry, it wasn't a new doctor but he hadn't seen me in a year or so and i guess forgot what my penis looked like. Still a pretty cool little thing to have happen, it made me feel really good about myself, actually